Web Away Your Way to Destination

Not so long ago, we can recall having to reach the railway station to reserve seats or berths for our travel. Even with or without the improvement that India witnessed in its average income per house hold, booking flight tickets involved us having to visit the airport on the day of travel. A couple of years, there were travel agencies that enjoyed the limelight.

It was only until the internet era was at its peak that we were introduced to online ticket booking. The web has revolutionized the way we travel, allowing consumers to search, buy and share trips at the touch of a button. The introduction of the World Wide Web not only fundamentally changed the travel experience, but also turned an entire industry on its head as new brands emerged to take advantage of it, while many existing players were left struggling to keep-up with a blistering rate of change

E-Tourism started with the first automated airline computer reservation systems (CRS) implemented on mainframes. With the global spread of data transmission networks, they evolved to global distribution systems (GDS), which serve as B2B touristic distribution backbones until today. The seamless integration of heterogeneous data networks into the Internet and the invention of the World Wide Web as a distributed multimedia application platform led to the development of comfortable Internet/web booking engines. They enabled easy-to-use browser-based online booking as a self-service for customers and new forms of B2C travel distribution.

In a world full of makemytrip and goibibo, we introduce you to some of the most impactful online ticket booking service providers who have made a stir in the Indian scenario. These vendors have innovated and curated a unique set of value add services that will further streamline your ticket booking experience.
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