Top 5 Countries for Foodies

2: Argentina


From the Pampas beef to the parrillidas , to the bread balls with seasoned sesame seeds, its impossible for you to hang on. Also Chimichurri, made out of parsley, garlic and oregano, is something that will make you jump out of your seats. No wonder Argentineans are reputed in eating
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1: where is India???
Posted by: suman - 28 Jun, 2014
2: Siliconindia should give the guy who compiled this list - a free trip to India where he will need an entire lifetime to discover the distinct cuisines specific to the hundreds of communities here across so many Indian states/culture/languages! Along with these nations in the list, India- as usual not included by the biased world - is actually, the Ultimate Foodie Paradise! Period.
Posted by: aryaan c paramasivam - 19 May, 2012
3: Crap - It has to be in this order:

1. India
2. Thailand
3. Pakistan
4. Turkey
5. France
Dipanjan replied to: aryaan c paramasivam post - 23 May, 2012
4: delicious!!!
Posted by: anoop - 16 May, 2012
5: Yes, totally agreed with Mr. a.c.Paramsivam, the order may be
3-Sri Lanka
Siliconindia should be unbias in reporting the information, the readers views and cross checking is necessary.
Gandhidas Lavekar replied to: anoop post - 27 Jun, 2014