Jade Retreats: Re-defining Holidaying with Hospitainment Personalized Experiences

Shri Subramanyam, Founder & Retreat Curator,Shakthi Nair, Managing Director

Shri Subramanyam, Founder & Retreat Curator

Shakthi Nair, Managing Director

While most vacays and holidays on the properties of resorts and starred hotels, wouldn’t you agree that a shadow of shared and masqueraded privacy curtails having those precious private and exclusive moments? Although not such a bad idea, standard resorts maintain a sense of controlled leisure in terms of utilizing spaces and amusement facilities. But envision a place that could cater to both great hospitality amidst splendid properties and personalised entertainment with uninterrupted spend-times, quietude and privacy!

Bangalore’s pioneering Jade Retreats (A brand of Jade Hospitainment establishment) is the first-of-its-kind in India that was incepted (in 2011-2012) as the only solution offering the best of both world’s (entertainment & hospitality). Shri Subramanyam (Founder & Curator), the mastermind behind this fine idea coined the term ‘Hospitainment’ to tether both hospitality & entertainment within a resort like space that entirely compliments personal spaces in the realm of nature and enjoyment. Providing customized experiences focusing on food, wellness and entertainment, Jade properties woo-out a range of retreats promising unprecedented experiences to its guests.

What Makes it so Extraordinary?

Churning-out exotic landscapes and splendid villas/bungalows out of redundant properties and farm-houses around the city, Jade Retreats targets the experiential aspect of its guests, aiming to provide ‘etched in mind’ impressions that make them want to return
for more. With Jade735 being its first project that whisked huge success, there was no stopping ever since. Styling striking resort like features in a villa setup, Jade owns around 18 properties in various locations across Bangalore that facilitate private pools, Jacuzzi’s, distinct water spas, lounges and gazebo’s afloat on pools with theatre setups, suspended beds (swing in the cloud), patios and camping sites.

Providing customized experiences focusing on food, wellness and entertainment, ade properties woo out a range of retreats promising unprecedented experiences to its guests

Be it a social fete, corporate huddle or a total time in joyous re-unions and family getaways, these villas are all you need to fulfil the purpose of your stay. As customization marks prime, the Jade team never fails to walk the extra mile to make your experience rewarding. Further spiking-up the experience, an exclusive ‘05:00 PM lounge’ for private parties, barbecues with bonfires, cooking experiences, music & entertainment by outsourced artists, submerged candle light dining and other exciting poolside set ups fulfill privacy, exclusivity and experiential motives. Subramanyam states, “The idea is to provide any legitimate experience that can be asked for, to provide an experience that is proprietary. Hence, we also address personal well being in personalized wellness activities like yoga/spa/camping training and retreats”. Additionally, exclusive amenities are arranged to bolster these interests. Depending on the number of guests, duration and the occasion (Stay or Social), the Jade team also suggests the best property available, right from small villas to large farmhouses, from penthouses & clubhouses to bungalows the best is presented to suit your affair.

You are well taken care of by a team of enthusiasts who take care with their round the clock services, personalized with proprietary experiences. Gaining momentum among international expats and native residents and a yearlong dedication to serve, Jade Retreats maintains stringent security & safety precaution for its guests, with CCTV cameras and a 24x7 security guard available at every property. Further, customers enjoy benefits of concierge/ butler services with comfortable retreat on the move caravan facilities and other legit add-ons on request. Repeat customers are entitled to special discounts, free meals and exclusive services.

With a reputation among highend clientele and corporate tycoons, Jade Retreats has hosted famed celebrities, also housing music videos, product shoots, advertisements and films. Yet this just deems the beginning, as the company is enroute to a PAN India expansion, also aiming for 100 properties in the next 4-5 years. Having being represented internationally and awarded ‘Best Experiential Property of the Year’(2016-17), Jade Retreats is truly the renaissance to a new phase of Retreats & Hospitainment.