Assuroomz: Helping Hotels Grow their Business Digitally through Cloud Based Revenue Management Software

 Antony Raj. A,  Business Head

Antony Raj. A

Business Head

Owing to the vast tourist attractions as well as stunningly rich culture, the hospitality sector is one of the largest and most profitable sectors in India. While most hotels around the country are still following the traditional way to manage the business, many of them have started opting for advanced technologies as well as software for better data as well as business management. One of the software that has slowly and steadily seen an overall boost is the Revenue management softwar(RMS). After a dull business phase during the pandemic, while the hospitality sector is slowly moving towards normalization, there also has been a surge in the demand for the RMS system among the hotels. While the revenue management software sector in India is still at a nascent stage, the growing interest and demand in the hospitality sector have made many firms join the competition to develop their own RMS system.

Keeping the current market demands as well as completion in mind, Antony Raj and his friend started their hotel revenue management firm, Assuroomz in 2018 to help small as well as medium-sized hotels in growing their business digitally. The firm provides backend support for hotels as well as alternative accommodation facilities such
as home stay, lodgings, and so on in terms of online booking. Along with that, the firm also provides its own user-friendly hotel management software that takes care of fully automated property management, revenue management channel & reputation management, and so on. While initially, not many hotels were opting for the software, the demand has seen exponential growth with many small hotels starting to use the software mostly after the pandemic.

Assuroomz was started to help small as well as medium-sized hotels in growing their business Digitally

Coming to the product, Assuroomz provides an easy-to-use, SaaS-based revenue management software to the firms. The cloud based RMS software uses AI to automate the dynamic pricing system. Based on many factors such as city demand, booking ratio during festivities, number of allotments in the hotel, previous booking history of the hotel as well as hotel's popularity, and so on, the software increases/decreases the booking price dynamically. Based on the occupancy percentage, the RMS software gradually decreases the price over a day, which helps hotels get maximum online bookings including last minute bookings at the optimal price.

Apart from day-to-day revenue management, the software also takes care of distribution, fore casting, Segment Strategies, Yielding, Group Quotations, and Fair & High Demand Period Strategies, and also provide fast analysis report based on user requirement. The variety of features provided by the RMS software is Dynamic Pricing, Channel Manager, Property Management System, Internet Booking Engine, OneClick Website, Reviews Management, Competitor Pricing Service, Analytics, Bulk Update, OTA Content, and so on. In terms of the onboarding process, it usually takes two to three days for RMS providers to onboard a client. However, once all the data, as well as checklists, are provided, Assuroomz onboard its clients just within one or two hours.

Coming to the future roadmap, while Assuroomz has a strong client base around Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry and Kerala, the firm is planning to expand its business to Karnataka as well as Andhra Pradesh and eventually throughout the country.