Blue Ocean Resort & Spa: Where Hospitality Shares Beach Talks with Luxury & Leisure

Sunil Rane,Managing Director

Sunil Rane, Managing Director

Walking miles on the golden sand with musical rhymes of crystal clear waves, spells the magic of rejuvenation and serenity. Just when you are lured to submerge yourself in seaside tranquility, lush green landscape invites you to become one with nature and wear the veil of quietude and peace. Imagining where to explore such an exhilarating experience? Blue Ocean Resort & Spa (BORS) is the destination in the affirmation that transforms bustling living into rejuvenating luxury and opens the doorway to an exotic panorama. Set in the idyllic landscape of Ganpatipule with Sahyadri Hills on its east and the Arabian Sea in the west, BORS is a paradise in itself igniting the sense of eco-tourism and heavenly ecstasy through its verdant green belt.

The brainchild of Sunil Rane (Managing Director), 2009-founded BORS is a Pacific resort spread in over 100 acres land, and soaks body, mind, and soul in a hospitable, relaxed and fun-loving ambiance. Sharing neighborhood with rich flora decked with mangroves, coconut palms, jackfruit, mangoes, cashews and coastal food, the contemporary resort hosts 55 Portuguese style villas that never lose sight of mesmerizing tropical landscaping. Each villa is a symbol of traditional designs intertwined with luxurious comfort and equipped with A-class facilities. At BORS, experience golden sunsets cuddling with oceanic splashes while health and wellness revivifies under the shade of hospitality, tranquility and recreation. No wonder, the resort is listed as one of the best destinations on the Western Ghats of India!

Being One with Idyllic Environs
Decked with archaic furnishings and traditional designs, BORS’ provisional list is a well-canvassed catalogue of amenities. The search for infinity swimming pool offering panoramic ocean view and light refreshments delighting moods ends at this resort. It restores the elements of luxury, leisure and ambiance making the resort an ideal destination for leisurely escapism. On the flip side, BORS’ specially crafted water park – Kidszone, opens the bundle of joy for little kiddiewinks. Just when you get back from pool activities, all tired and weary, divine therapies at Siam Thai Spa extends an invitation to guests to dive into the relaxation mode and enjoy various revitalization therapies. TIDES, an open deck restaurant, surprise guests with culinary delights while in-house multi-cuisine restaurant brings on table special savories that open new frontiers of taste.

What adds the colors of divinity to the aesthetic destination is the ever-famous Atharva Ganesha temple, a prime attraction in perfect harmony with nature. Keeping intact Ratnagiri district’s ecological sensitivity, BORS considers responsible tourism as the standards of ecological tourism. Committed to preserve and protect the environment as an ECOTEL resort, it follows eco-friendly measures such as waste-water recycling, solid-waste treatment, energy conservation and wind mill & solar system to maintain serene balance between human needs and natural offerings. “Blue Ocean Resort and Spa offers you a little kingdom of unexpected treasures, a never
before experience of fun, excitement and restful recreation. Our vision is to create a premier tourist destination – reckoned among the finest, not only in India but in the entire world,” avers Sunil.

"Decked with archaic furnishings and traditional designs, BORS’ provisional list is a well-canvassed catalogue of amenities"

The Brain behind Social Affability
An active and dynamic entrepreneur, Sunil stepped in the hospitality sector with Atharva Group of Institutes, back in 1998. Instead of pursuing stable corporate career, he chose to chase his dreams and transform challenges into opportunities. Observing the exponential growth behaviour of tourism in national boundaries, Sunil realized that the foundation of hospitality industry is dependent on the pillars of availability of leisure time, disposable income and, most importantly, skilled workforce. With the vision of creating world-class, educational environment for students to evolve into industry-ready managers and chefs of tomorrow, he established Atharva College of Hotel Management & Catering Technology (ACHMCT) in 2005. Etched with the credo of imparting quality and skilled based education, ACHMCT is ranked among Mumbai's leading institutes for higher education in Maharashtra region.

Sunil has always believed in providing excellence in education and Atharva is a prime exemplar of his vision into action. He explicates “The idea was to conceive an institution that would be Build by Excellence, Live by Excellence and Grow by Excellence. At Atharva, we foster a balanced program of academic excellence and practical orientation through effective teaching/learning process”. Today, the man is a symbol of new-age Indian leader and a role model for millions who aspire to chase success they dream of.

Edifying the Future of Hospitality
Standing tall amidst Atharva Education Complex in Malad, ACHMCT is the name to reckon with for innovative hospitality education delivery. While Atharva Group collectively offers graduate and postgraduate programs in Engineering, IT, Hospitality, Fashion and Business Management fields, ACHMCT specifically caters to hotel management and catering technology courses. Pedagogically, the institute pivots on enhanced and quality learning approach to not only help students progress towards success through professional abilities but also foster a strong sense of responsibility and ethics.

When the scholars are ready with conceptual knowledge in hand, ACHMCT introduces a live learning environment where Atharviets get to immediately apply what they have learned in classrooms. With star category hotel rooms and suites well-accoutered with Jacuzzi, spa, live bar, grill, fine dine restaurants and housekeeping facilities within the campus, students gain hands-on training via application, observation and experience on live setups, thus realizing the vision – excellence in education. Also at this stage, interaction with highly qualified industry experts and the alumni adds to the student’s practical learning experiences. Being the first-of-its-kind college in hospitality having an innovative food, cheese & wine restaurant and resort & spa management adds the veneer of merit to ACHMCT’s excellence. While the institute’s spacious infrastructure is a blend of contemporary and traditional architecture, it hosts virtual classroom conference facility, digital library, extracurricular amenities and is a fully Wi-Fi-enabled campus.
Recognized by Government of Maharashtra and affiliated to Mumbai University, YCMOU and IGNOU, ACHMCT takes a step ahead for providing stellar academic training facility in today’s economic scenario. It opens the doorway to BORS as an opportunity for Atharviets to get trained in professional hospitality background with world class ambience. Sunil asserts, “ACHMCT leads you towards a vibrant and practical world of upcoming hospitality industry business environment. We believe in the concrete development of professional leaders capable of making a decision in the global environment and dedicate them to serve the industry as well as the society for the future development of the nation”. Believing that society’s growth is catalyst in nation’s growth, Sunil also established ‘Atharva Foundation’ to pay tribute to the Indian Armed Forces and also support the daughters of the martyrs' families.

"ACHMCT takes a step ahead for providing stellar academic training facility in today’s economic scenario"

The Ace of Hospitality Space
Today, Sunil along with BORS and ACHMCT team, whom he considers as his family, is content with the ventures’ growth. Credits to his leadership attributes, exemplifying which he drives the vision of edifying new generation with high standard of morals & ethics, clarity of thought, and having a spirit of innovation & creativity. With the objective of being a leading ‘Centre of Excellence’ in education, Sunil encourages his team to strive for research, technology and innovation, and set new milestones in future endeavours. He takes keen interest in guiding, clearing doubts, planning, monitoring and meeting with every member of Atharva & BORS family. Besides driving educational prospects and hospitable promises, the visionary entrepreneur engages in the development of various recreational facilities and closely associates with organizers and promoters of national & international events, thus leaving no stones unturned in transforming challenges into opportunities.

Key Management:
Sunil Rane, Managing Director

An ardent educationist and dynamic entrepreneur, Sunil is strong-footed in the hospitality and education segment and envisions developing world-class environment with strong sense of responsibility and ethics. He is determined to transform challenges into opportunities and continues to chase excellence & innovation for the nation’s development.

Entrepreneurial Ventures:
•Blue Ocean Resort & Spa (BORS), Ganpatipule

Established - 2009

Nestled on the Konkan shore, BORS is an exotic destination for sojourn and relaxation. The resort offers warmth hospitality, star quality facilities, recreational pool activities, lip-smacking delicacies and rejuvenating spa services along with seashore tranquil experience.

•Atharva College of Hotel Management & Catering Technology (ACHMCT), Mumbai

Established - 2005

ACHMCT renders excellence in hospitality education through quality and skill-oriented approach. Known for edifying ace managers and chefs of tomorrow, the institute houses star category rooms and suites for students to gain practical experience on live hospitality setups.