Tyronix: Logistics With A Difference

Avnish Pandey ,Founder & CEO

Avnish Pandey

Founder & CEO

When we asked what is different about Tyronix, "Technology with a human touch is the soul of our company", said Avnish Pandey, with a smile (Founder & CEO, Tyronix). Further, he added, "Let me explain more about what is our human touch - in my opinion, Tyronix is the youngest logistics company in India. Everyone working in this company is under 30 years of age as of now. Youth is full of energy and totally tech-savvy and eager to go the extra mile even in odd circumstances like COVID-19. That's why when all the other companies were going down during the pandemic, Tyronix was the only company in this sector that was going up like a rocket.

Increasing Customer Experience via On-time Delivery
The two-wheeler logistics industry is witnessing rapid growth. The key factors responsible for the growth of the market include the booming e-commerce industry, the integration of real-time tracking technology, and the convenience, and cost-effectiveness of these services. Today, dealers have the option of ordering electric and petrol-based scooters sitting at the office. Therefore, in the logistics sector, the game is won by the company that delivers vehicles quickly and precisely. To accomplish this, logistics companies need skills, resources, technology, and experience.

Tyronix Logistics, a well-known two-wheeler logistics provider, serves as the extension of the two-wheeler brands team and aids in the hassle-free delivery of vehicles to their destinations. Tyronix started its journey in two-wheeler logistics in the year 2017. They created a dedicated new fleet of 20 vehicles to start two-wheeler logistics. The company's first vendors were Mahindra logistics Limited and Nissin Corporation (Japan). They soon started carrying PAN India Loads from SUZUKI, TVs, HMSI (Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India), and Royal Enfield.

Tyronix Logistics is incorporated under the Indian Companies Act 2012 and is managed by a Board of Directors who specialize in Management, Engineering, Technology, Commerce, Law, and Logistics. The directors include Avnish Panday, Prashant Singh, and Shiv Yadav. During the journey of 2017 to 2022, Tyronix has taken over 3 companies namely Hindustan Logistics (Bhiwadi Rajasthan), TRS Logistics (Hyderabad, Telangana), And SPJS (Punjab). By the second half of 2022 Tyronix is operating a fleet of nearly 120 vehicles. "We are committed to delivering vehicles from plants to dealerships on time with speed and precision", says Avnish Panday, Director at Tyronix.

Logistics for Electric Mobility & Petrol-based Scooters
Presently, Tyronix is the largest service provider in India for new-age two-wheeler electric mobility. The company has the ability to carry more than 130 full loads each month for our electric company partners. These companies are Pure Ev (Hyderabad), Okinawa ( Bhiwadi), Battre (Jaipur), Benling (Manesar), GT Force (Manesar), Gemopai (Noida), Ather (Hosur), and Ola Electric. It has been a great
experience for them to grow with those new-age two-wheelers companies. The company also offers delivery services to petrol-based two-wheeler vendors.

The `X' Factor
Tyronix has the experience of three generations in the logistics industry. When it comes to two-wheeler logistics, the company has a competitive edge as it serves nearly all major two-wheeler industry players and is the largest service provider for two-wheelers logistics for new-age electric mobility. The company's operation team is well trained and equipped with the latest technology. Even the drivers and managerial staff are well-trained for smooth and timely delivery. They have set up dedicated 24*7 call centers for each of its vendors for their daily operation. Unlike other vendors, the company's goal is to deliver vehicles on time and deliver without damage; that's the way they build their reputation with partners.

The way that brands entice and keep customers could be profoundly altered by instant commerce. Faster product delivery not only helps dealers increase customer satisfaction and convenience, but also encourages repeat business from customers. The COVID-19 pandemic has further increased the demand for automobiles to be delivered immediately. In keeping with the shifting trends, next-day and same-day delivery alternatives have replaced industry-standard delivery dates and minimum order restrictions. With all of this in mind, Tyronix is leading the charge in assisting businesses in their efforts to boost customer lifetime value and repeat buy rates with speedy delivery services.

The company believes that the customers are the reason for its existence. Being obsessive about delighting customers and all stakeholders and going to infinite ends to deliver the best customer experiences is its Vision and Mission.

A Case in Study
To illustrate their capabilities better, Avnish discusses how they helped a renowned dealer transport two-wheeler vehicles from the plant to the dealership location. Prior to partnering with Tyronix, the client struggled to meet his expectations and lost several customers due to poor delivery service from a logistics company. By partnering with Tyronix, the client was able to regain its reputation and brand value. The company continuously hears about how some of its customers, within a couple of months of partnering with them are winning new revenue and gaining more customers. They're now able to compete with bigger vendors and significantly increase their revenue.

This is what some of the clients have to say about Tyronix. "I like that the team is incredibly hard-working, talented, and good with people," Battre Team. "It's been a pleasure working with Tyronix Team as they are very professional people," Ather Team. "They are attentive to little detail and have shown us that we can trust with our logistics”, Benling Team.

Simplifying Logistics
As one of the top companies in the two-wheeler logistics market in India, Tyronix is committed to providing excellence, whether it be in flexible point-to-point logistics, intricate integrated logistics, or other special shipment services. Tyronix is a force to be reckoned with in the logistics industry thanks to its ability to strike the ideal balance between international competence and local experience with coverage across the entirety of India.

We are committed to delivering vehicles from plants to dealerships on time with speed and precision

Tyronix, which is dedicated to helping its clients advance, anticipates supporting the business aspirations of organizations across a range of industries so they can expand, thrive, and meaningfully contribute to India's growth story. With a passion for excellence, a dedication to upholding the highest standards of environmental, safety, and corporate governance (ESG), a focus on the needs of the customer, and the adoption of cutting-edge digital tools and technology, Tyronix believes in going above and beyond to bring smiles and guarantee timely, safe cargo movements every time.

Although possessing market expertise in LPG gas logistics and chemical tanker logistics, Tyronix has developed a niche in the two-wheeler logistics business, which is seeing rapid expansion in India. Such proven capabilities have made Tyronix a real catalyst for change in the two-wheeler logistics space. Backed by experience and skills, the team wants to continue delivering the services in the same manner. Along with that, Tyronix is working toward using more data and insights into the entire shipment lifecycle to help manufacturers and dealers create a more cost-effective, environmentally-sustainable, and agile supply chain.