Tripclap: Promoting Sustainable Travelling By Leveraging Cutting-Edge Technologies

Gaurav Gupta,  CEOEcotourism offers an opportunity for organizations and people to re-evaluate how they interact with the earth from a conservation standpoint. Many travel and tour firms have focused on integrating sustainable activities such as safeguarding land, wildlife, and natural habitats, leading to the emergence of a new wave of tourism that benefits local communities, people, and the environment. Reaping the benefits of the opportunity, TRIPCLAP aims to fulfil the dream of every family to explore the world without any hassle while enhancing ecotourism in India.

Financed and incubated by Start-up India and IIM Lucknow, TRIPCLAP is the fastest-growing Holiday Marketplace, attempting to empower small and medium-sized Travel Agents through technology by providing them with cutting-edge CRM, Itinerary Builder, Dynamic Website, and much more. “Finding the appropriate and trustworthy professionals was difficult, and there was information asymmetry as well as a wide disparity in prices between them. The tour agency industry also lacked any prominent brands, so, we founded TRIPCLAP in 2020 with simply a modest website to close this gap.

We offer software to local tour operators working in the sustainable travel industry to assist them to manage their operations and make it easier for them to integrate with big international online travel marketplaces”, says Gaurav Gupta, CEO, TRIPCLAP. 70K+ travellers across India and 6k+ travel agents globally make up TRIPCLAP's robust travel network.

The firm’s vision is to make a mark in the global business by delivering innovative, excellent experiences to all travel enthusiasts.

TRIPCLAP aims to be the top travel marketplace in India where customers can book any travel service directly through regional service providers and receive an immediate confirmation with guaranteed higher service quality. “We have introduced several services like ‘Pay with TRIPCLAP’ (to ensure safe and secure payment) and 'Tour Expert and Customer Support Team’ to guide and support travellers while they are on vacation to make the process of planning, booking, and experiencing a great trip easier”, shares Gaurav Singh, CMO, TRIPCLAP.

TRIPCLAP intends to equip more than one million travel agencies with the necessary tools and platforms so the firms can offer top-notch service to travellers of all income levels. With the use of technology offered by TRIPCLAP, travel companies, and travellers can pursue alternate options and locations, reducing the detrimental effects of over tourism.

Travellers who have utilized this company to connect with travel companies gush about the lasting effect their journey made

TRIPCLAP connects tourists and travel operators across India to preserve regional traditions and culture and provide visitors with a more genuine experience. The business develops customized, ecofriendly travel options that support tour operators in meeting tourist demands and boosting customer satisfaction and retention. “We are trying to ease up the process for travellers who are searching for Local Travel Agents for their vacation.

To prevent the frauds that tourists typically encounter when booking a package through Travel Agents, we have a thorough verification process for all agents on our site”, says Gaurav Singh, CMO, TRIPCLAP. TRIPCLAP leverages the expertise of its strong team to build a solid network of quality agents who can offer consumers a wonderful travel experience at the best prices in the industry.

“Since the ecotourism industry has the ability to lower poverty, produce highquality jobs, and provide incentives for environmental conservation, we are taking advantage of the chance to leverage its capacity to promote positive development outcomes and long term benefits for the nation. We currently serve 165+ destinations worldwide, and we hope to reach 250+ destinations within a year”, signs off Gaurav Gupta, CEO, TRIPCLAP. TRIPCLAP wants to serve this expanding market with the greatest services available in the industry and make it easy for travellers to use its marketplace to find the top travel agents and holiday packages.