Edifice Travels: Offering Unique & Bespoke Travel Experiences

    K. Pavithra,   Head– Digital Strategy

K. Pavithra

Head– Digital Strategy

As the COVID pandemic is gradually subsiding globally, people are now starting to go on trips & vacations. Today's youth however are not accustomed to the usual travel schedules & packages and demand customization at every chance possible. This is because of them wanting to have a variety of experiences rather than just going on a common vacation. This has certainly fuelled the travel industry across the world, wherein the industry in India which was worth $74 billion in 2022, is expected to be worth $127 billion by 2027. While there are a multitude of companies that offer diverse variety of packages and experiences, not all companies are successful in fulfilling every need of every customer.

Edifice Travels a unit of Edifice Travel Solutions LLP is a New Delhi based Travel Company that specializes in offering a diverse variety of experiences as part of their travel packages across India to both domestic as well as foreign tourists. The company believes that certain experiences deeply impact human mind and help improve oneself through self discovery, and every road taken is a new opportunity to discover more about oneself and the world at large.

"At Edifice Travels, we are committed to making this a reality for all our travellers through our unique and bespoke theme tours specially designed to acquaint them with the age old paradigms of Indian culture, the deepest secrets of this mystical land and its enchanting beauty that awakens inspiration. We also aim to promote conscious and responsible tourism through our tours", says Rajesh Kumar, Business & Operational Head Edifice Travels.
Customer Satisfaction at the Helm
Keeping customer satisfaction as paramount, Edifice Travels functions on three core principles take ownership, put the guest first, and simplify. "We sell experiences to our guest and not the destination. We talk to our guest and understand their requirements, based on which we customize packages for every guest. We choose hotels based on the guests' specific need and what they would want to experience in that particular place. These hotels have no check-in & check-out time and breakfast & drinks is available 24x7. The guest is the King, and their experiences are the most important thing for us", adds K Pavithra, Head ­-Digital Strategy.

Offering Variety, with Customization
Edifice Travels offers travelers a wide variety of packages that include family vacations, couple & honeymoon packages, group package bookings, corporate packages, and many others, each tailor-made to the specific needs of the customers. The team at Edifice is a group of travel enthusiasts who have travelled across the length & breadth of India and are very much eager to offer some thing different to their guests. One such part is where the guests are accommodated at hotels that do not have specific check-in & check-out timings, thus offering the guests the flexibility of time during their stay.

Rajesh Kumar, Business & Operational Head

The company is also one among the very few travel companies across the globe that offer a digital, e-Commerce experience to finalize & purchase the travel itinerary. Once the customer goes through the detailed itinerary and decides on the experiences & places they wish to explore, they can book/buy the package online without any human intervention. This is considered as a future growth prospect for the travel industry.

Future Roadmap
"We have built a network of travel partners across the globe to offer our travelers the best of the world to experience, in their own way. Travel with us, not to escape life, but to enrich it. Because great experiences transform the way you see the world. We now plan to discover new destinations in India, promote those destinations that are unexplored, and give the experience to our guests on the same", concludes Rajesh.