TRAVELSPICE: A Platform to Book Luxurious Hotels at a Price You Want

Ramu Kallepalli ,CEO & Co-Founder

Ramu Kallepalli

CEO & Co-Founder

In a recent study, hospitality experts have declared that ‘unsold hotel rooms’ is the most valuable industry that is untapped, and hence remains a lucrative opportunity to anyone ready to get their feet wet. Astute in recognizing this opportunity, TRAVELSPICE has ventured into this space with a unique proposition to book unsold hotel rooms of luxurious brands, which involves unbelievable discounts and a subtle surprise for the customers who use their platform. Customers can select hotels based on the choices to select the city, location, star rating & their budget. TRAVELSPICE doesn’t divulged hotel identity (as all hotels are branded) prior to the booking, making this a unique but effective way to book the best hotel rooms. It’s imperative to know that the bookings come with deep discounts, ranging from 30 to 70 percent, with complimentary breakfast. Since its launch, on an average TRAVEPSICE customers have saved over 40 percent.

Innovative Accommodations
Offering jaw dropping discounts comes with a price, as all bookings made on the company's website /
app are non cancellable & non-refundable, and travellers ought to make the payment upfront in order to book a hotel room. But how can one be ensured of a good hotel room without knowing the hotel's name? TRAVELSPICE’s collaboration with TripAdvisor to source hotel ratings (all being above 3.5 stars) with more than 30 reviews ensures no foul play on its platform. “Every hotel listed is measured on the parameters of cleanliness, amenities, opulence & others. We crowd-source the quality of the hotel rooms on TripAdvisor,” says RamuKallepalli, CEO, TRAVELSPICE.

To provide unparalleled customer satisfaction, TRAVELSPICE converses with all the customers, post check in, and down grades or upgrades the hotel ratings based on the amassed feedback

To provide unparalleled customer satisfaction, TRAVELSPICE converses with all the customers, post check in, and downgrades or upgrades the hotel ratings based on the amassed feedback, and constantly evolves in the process. The downgraded hotels are gradually, but eventually, eliminated from reflecting on its platform. Taking customer feedback gravely, the company has added features to deselect hotels and even book a hotel room for more than two adults. Incepted
in the year 2015, TRAVELSPICE has managed to achieve unbelievable feats by not only penetrating into more than 220 Indian cities, but also disturbing the hotel booking waters in Bangkok, Dubai, Maldives, Singapore, and many other foreign cities. Being the only platform which helps hoteliers realize their lost revenue of unsold inventory, the company traverses the extra mile to ensure the brand image of its clientele isn’t tarnished in any situation by not disclosing their names on its platform, whilsthelping them increase their hotel occupancies in off-seasons as well.

Future of Innovation
A team of 14 employees work diligently in an environment which fosters collaboration and trust within the team by discussing & understanding each other's plights, and training profusely for the betterment of the company’s future. Having procured over 6000 hotels on its platform, TRAVELSPICE aims to augment its unique booking model to other business verticals like buses, airlines and others, to help budget conscious customers make best savings on their travel expenditure. As a consequence of its bold & out-of-the-box conquest, the company has doubled its revenue in the previous year, and plans to achieve over $20 million in revenue in the next two years. Busy working on adding clientele in more cities to the preexisting seven international ones, TRAVELSPICE should certainly make the cut to become one among the mainstream forerunners.