Hyatt Place Hampi: An Affluent Luxurious Abode Amidst Hampi's Historical Heritage

Shalabh Verma,General Manager

Shalabh Verma

General Manager

Perched amidst the remnants of the world’s largest open air museum and one of UNESCO’s world heritage sites Hampi,‘Hyatt Place Hampi’ is part of an internationally renowned hotel brand (Hyatt) that carries over a 60-year legacy in hospitality. Launched in 2012 as an ideal destination for all business and leisure needs, this hotel is an upscale, select service abode designed for the multitasking 24/7 lifestyle travellers. Citing its purpose, if one wishes to experience Hampi’s historic enchantments in the most affluent manner, Hyatt Place defines the destination whose services not only carves indelible impressions, but also whose windowpanes visually narrate the scenic ruins of this once mighty Vijayanagara Empire capital.

Embraced by sprawling lush green landscapes, echoing a warm and casual atmosphere, the hotel is conveniently distanced a kilometer away from the Vidyanagar Airport, also connecting two most industrious states capitals Bangalore & Hyderabad. Fulfilling every ideality that a perfect hotel encompasses, Hyatt’s architecture offers open, intuitive designs, within 115 smart design rooms including seven plunge-pool rooms and three plush suites. To further compliment the stay of its guests, Wi-Fi availability throughout the hotel, a 24/7 Stay Fit gym, Aristo Spa Hampi spa & salon, gallery cafe, residential lounge and various indoor/outdoor activities with exclusive 24/7 food & beverage services keep guests entirely entertained and satisfied. Thus, whether on a business trip to Hampi or a romantic getaway, Hyatt Place
promises to create a seamless and unforgettable experience balancing both harmonies of work and leisure.

Bringing out the Best in Guests

“We care for people so they can be their best. At Hyatt, our purpose of care defines our practice of responsibility and thus by building strong communities and fostering sustainable practices, we’re working to create an environment in which people thrive,” says Shalabh Verma, Director, Hyatt Place Hampi. Delivering authentic services, the Hyatt culture emanates celebration and understanding of its people, their places and stories that make up each of their lives in order to create a thriving community. Furthermore, its award worthy trained hotel staff, advanced security technologies, dedicated safety systems and comprehensive emergency response plans mirror the value the hotel bestows upon every guest.

At Hyatt, our purpose of care defines our practice of responsibility and thus by building strong communities and fostering sustainable practices, we’re working to create an environment in which people thrive

With all these factors enabling Hyatt Place to lead corporate market, offsite and leisure ventures, how can one forget to mention its exquisite gourmet menu that has also majorly influenced its success! “We make sure our patrons will never have to settle for anything less than a freshly made meal. From A la carte and all day dining, Sunday brunches and weekday buffets, hot breakfasts, snacks and high tea to late night servings, we ensure every need is well catered to,” states Shalabh. In fact, Hyatt’s most healthy dishes sprout from the organic herbs and vegetables grown at its inhouse kitchen garden, adding-on the extra flavors of love and care.

Bagging along extra favors, Hyatt provides pick-up/drop facilities, also customizing site visits, among which Amazing Hampi, Divine Hampi, UNESCO World Heritage Package, Leisure Getaway and Adventure Hampi are some of the packages arranged for its guests. With these revered services, Hyatt Place has been the awardwinners for ‘Best Hotel Mid Segment’ at FKCCI- Karnataka Tourism Awards 2016-17, while tagging along prominent others. Citing on the future of this prestigious establishment, Shalabh concludes, “We have re-imagined a select service experience that focuses on creating a place that offers 24/7 convenience, stylish spaces with casual and modern comforts A place truly inspired by a conversation with guests imagined by them and for them.”