Matthuga: A Homely-Retreat-cum-Adventurous Plot Poised Amidst Nature's Most Bestowed Ambience

Relatively speaking, what could one ever ask for when it comes to choosing a stay when on vacation? The definite go to instincts would opt for a residence that centres amid famous heritage sites and populous locales. What if there is one such destination-stay that proves ideal in this case?
M S Narahari & Kamakshi Narahari, Founders
In 2008, M S Narahari & Kamakshi Narahari (Founders) established Matthuga a resort that assembles an epitome of a ‘homely retreat’ situated in the midst of verdant areca plantations stretched across 11 acres of wilderness and mesmerizing landscapes. The resort ever since serves as an ardent neighbour (eight minutes away) to the world renowned Jog Falls and Dudh Sagar Falls with other alluring beaches, temples, waterfalls and historical attractions conveniently orbiting its presence. With its name derived from a plant (Matthuga Tree) that hold both spiritual and medicinal values, also called as the ‘flame of the forest’, the Matthuga resort embodies a soothing aura of healing for its guests, epitomizing as the flame amongst its surroundings. As one’s ambience here is perfumed with inciting aromas of areca, coffee, pepper, vanilla, cardamom and wild orchids, delving into the surroundings of this heaven on earth retreat only reassures that no guest ever leaves this place without an over all spellbinding experience.

A Renowned Hospitality & Elegant Abodes

With every resident drifting away into its feel at-home atmosphere, the Matthuga team upholds a belief called ‘Athiti devo bhava’ where ‘guests are treated like Gods’. A well-trained hospitality team welcomes and presents pleasant services throughout their stay. It is this homely atmosphere and hospitality that guests enjoy. To up the ante a bit, for those lukewarm adventure and peace seeking guests, this exotic plantation bungalow is situated on Bangalore Honnavar highway, despite which its tranquillity remains untainted. Its elegant bungalow rooms channel around well maintained swimming pools with several other luxury cottages amidst the areca plantations, embracing a touch of rustic Malnad smeared with luxurious comfort, making it a perfect
blend of tradition and opulence.

Best suited for families and kids, the resort treats guests into planning exclusive itineraries (based on request), providing a list of various activities in and around, that include trekking, nature/plantation or night nature walk, farming and bird watching. Besides these, corporate hosting and short trips to nearby heritage sites also frame as part of the plan. Additionally, pick-up & drop facilities are also provided on request to ensure a seamless and antistress experience for clients.

Cooked with Love & Crucial Security

Accommodating a fine set of chefs who strive to curette the healthiest and most scrumptious dishes, Matthuga’s menu enlists a variety of freshly prepared meals comprising of north & south Indian dishes, with diverse curries, appetizers and exquisite Malnad authentic delicacies. Guests are also given the freedom to choose dishes off the menu. Such is the dedicated service provided by the resort’s team. Citing a record in maintaining proficient safety and security of its guests, Matthuga’s premises

are fenced under constant CCTV surveillance by efficient security staff who monitor the surroundings for untoward incidences at all times. Besides security on the surroundings, the kitchen, rooms and the common area is continuously monitored by an exclusively-appointed manager who ensures not just safety, but also quality and hygiene of the food and services provided are top-notch.

The resort ever since serves as an ardent neighbour to the world-renowned Jog Falls and Dudh Sagar Falls with other alluring beaches, temples, waterfalls and historical attractions

As one of the most renowned resorts in the district, the resort places a feasible cancellation policy, stating a 100 percent refund in case of a 15-day prior cancellation and a 50 percent refund in case of a seven-day prior cancellation. Matthuga’s future road-map stands promising and is en-route to expansion by increasing the number of rooms, setting up a camping facility, installing exclusive children’s play area, setting-up several outdoor games, and others.