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  Tomy Sebastian,    Managing Director

Tomy Sebastian

Managing Director

India has carved out a niche in medical tourism due to its superior medical facilities and enticing benefits such as reduced prices, shorter wait times, and highquality service. According to the India Tourism Market Outlook, India's medical tourism industry is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 19 percent between 2022 and 2032, and it already accounts for 6.5percent of global medical tourism. Taking note of this budding opportunity, T&T Global Recruitment has dedicated a team of professionals and consultants who guide and support you from the beginning to the end of your holiday/treatment plan. The company collaborates with multi specialty hospitals that adhere to the highest standards and proficiency in the medical field to provide world class treatments across various locations within the country.

Founded in 2018, with branches in India (Kerala) and the United Kingdom (England), in addition to medical tourism, T&T Global Recruitment provides international recruitment, study abroad programs across the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and Australia, and tour and vacation packages as its distinct services. The company's newest service area is training and development which has a significant resource team of 15 to 20 Resource Persons providing corporate training (Face to face & Virtual) to various companies, Governmental and Non-Governmental organizations across the world.

Walking Hand-in-hand with Clients
As a provider of health tourism services, T& T Global assists patients with the planning of medical tourism by providing all the information about medical facilities, a client just has to get a medical visa from the Indian Embassy in their country, and the rest including airport pickup and transfer, arranging a holiday in favourite locations in India and admission to the hospital following preferred treatment is handled by the agency. T& T Global has also incorporated recreational components such as leisure travel and sightseeing into its medical package for the benefit of patients and their companions.

T&T Global has incorporated recreational components such as leisure travel & sight seeing into its medical package for the benefit of patients & their companions

“As a medical tourism firm, we must select the hospital and act as a liaison. Then, our personnel will pick up the clients at the arriving airport and will provide all necessary help and support throughout the hospital stay and during the holiday. The patients can choose their treatment or holiday first, depending on their medical condition and treatment plan. Our travel and tourism partner (Alhind Travel) will assist the patients, and their by standers and accompanied by any family members will be provided the highquality tour and holiday packages as per their choice of locations within India.

This can be pre-planned and booked along with their treatment plan. T& T Global has partnerships and collaborations with a number of 5-star facility hospitals across India, especially in the major cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Goa, Cochin, and many more. These hospitals offer a variety of treatments including cosmetic surgery, dental treatment, transplant surgery cataract surgery, organ transplants, hip and knee replacements, and many other treatments. We get the majority of our clients from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa", shares Tomy Sebastian, Managing Director, T& T Global Recruitment.

T&T Global has many well experienced trained staff members who are extremely dedicated and work in India and abroad, digitally and online. T&T Global has an ambitious plan to bring at least 100 clients for medical tourism in 2023.