PML Holidays: Converting Every Citizen's Dream of Touring into Reality

Satisfied customers are treasures for any company. And for companies in the MICE vertical (meetings, incentives, conferencing & exhibitions), it is an inevitable factor as the services are totally based-on customer demands. Aligned to this concept of providing par above services to customers, PML Holidays has been an influencing contributor to the MICE sector. The firm operates from Chandigarh under the motto of Service Up to the Utmost Satisfaction of the Customer and has been providing affluent MICE solutions in incentive tours, award dinners and gala nights, conferences team building, meetings and offsite outing segments. Amidst doing this, PML Holidays has triggered a dream to tour among Indian citizens as it has been providing tailor made lucrative holiday packages to people of every status and from every nook of the country. The company is associated with major global travel players that support its initiative for offering best MICE solutions at competitive prices.

Be it flight ticketing, sumptuous cuisines, transportation, or any corporate/social event PML Holidays takes care of everything. It fosters a professional convention environment at the corporate events, making a prosperous experience for the customers. In the process, PML Holidays builds everlasting partnership and friendship with them. The incentive tours that PML Holidays offers consist of recognition and award ceremonies for hard working team members at world class properties and amenities. "What make our services unique are the offsite outing at offbeat locations in charming environment. The outings are packed with mix adventures. It becomes a customer's choice to decide how it wants to spend time. It can spend time on agenda in the conference room or exploring the nature's trails or indulging in adrenaline flowing activities as a team. But in the end, we offer them bonfire dance along with mouth watering dishes," says Sat Paul Bansal, Chairman and Managing Director, Paul Merchants Limited.
 Rajneesh Bansal, Executive Director
When it comes to celebrating success in forms of award dinners or lavish gala nights, PML Holidays is the best MICE company to choose. Whether in Indian subcontinent or anywhere in the world PML Holidays arranges enjoyable and 'wow' echoing gala nights and award dinners. The entire PML Holidays team is highly experienced in implementing the special occasions at Indian destinations like Baroda, East Delhi, West Bengal, New Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Gangtok, Shilong Diu and overseas lands like Lucerne, Brisbane, Saint Petersburg, Russia, Canada, Moscow and Sentosa Island. However, for serious business purposes, PML Holidays plans the events keeping the minutest details in consideration. The company starts execution from choosing the perfect destination to booking flight/ transport tickets, and arranging best culinary for the customers. It assures the customers to have perfect conferences ever.

When it comes to celebrating success in forms of award dinners or lavish gala nights, PML Holidays is the best MICE company to choose

As no corporate event can happen without a leader, PML Holidays promotes leadership and team building events. "These events unite groups, build core strengths and eradicate weaknesses. Our team serves with a well organized, diligently planned and perfectly executed meeting at destination of the customers'choice. Later, these meetings are turned into entertainment sessions and ends with fruitful experiences," explains Sat Paul Bansal. Because of its streamlined services, PML Holidays has won the `Fastest Growing Brand 2018-19' award by United Research Services, `National Best Employer Brand 2018' by Employer Branding Institute ­ India, Asia Most Trusted Company­ 2018' by International Brand Consulting Corporate, USA, and The Game Changer Award ­ 2016' by Wonderlust. With these special awards in its display, PML Holidays is now looking forward to add more by enhancing the services' quality.