Miles Expedition: Your Trusted Guide in Creating Lifelong Memories through Sustainable, Responsible and Jubilant travel

Hrithik Gupta,  Founder & CEO

Hrithik Gupta

Founder & CEO

Travelling is important in life because it will open one up to a new way of living and being. However, if we take all the definitions of travelling, they are all directly or indirectly related to learning. Travelling makes one get in contact with people of different cultures, places, and new experiences, and we all know the truth that “Nothing can substitute Experience”. Attempting to deliver more of such honest and meaningful travel experiences is Greater Noida based travel company named Miles Expedition, owned and founded by Hrithik Gupta a former professional photographer at Nat Geo. He is an Engineer by Degree and Traveller by Heart who is backed by over 11 years of deep knowledge and formed relationships with the most impressive experts in their fields. Under his supervision, the company has successfully made a strong spot in the travel market.

Travelling has been a lifelong dream for Hrithik, the Founder and CEO of Miles Expedition since his school days.However, he never anticipated that one day he would own a travel company. It all started with a dream. During his college days, he started exploring India on his own. Later, he worked for Nat Geo. During his tenure there, he had to travel across the length and breadth of places. It was then that he realized the unfair practices which often mislead tourists. He wanted to change that and so he started Miles

Expedition, a sustainable and honest business. The company is committed to responsible travel and true sustainability.

“The tour packages that we offer are packed with adventure and offer memories for a lifetime. We make sure that you have a great time and enjoy your vacation to the fullest”, says Hrithik. The popularity of Miles Expedition is largely due to its honest services. The team builds a one-on one relationship with each of its clients to ensure that they have a fulfilling vacation experience. With Miles Expedition, clients get quality services at the best price, making adventure a great value for money. The company is dedicated to looking beyond the horizon and finding new and exciting adventures to shape the next generation of out door travel.

Miles Expedition, a sustainable and honest business committed to responsible travel & true sustainability

Delivering Happiness, Creating Memories
One of its clients, while appreciating the services, said, “As the company name says, Miles Expedition will truly help you to explore the miles with wonderful services, and the team is always available to assist you. My trip organizer, Hrithik Gupta is himself a traveller so he planned every thing according to the needs and comfort of a traveller. Looking forward to many more trips with Miles Expedition in the future. Thanks to the team of Miles Expedition and Hrithik Gupta for making my trip a wonderful and memorable experience.”

At Miles Expedition, clients can also create a memories passport. These can be customized with pictures of loved ones, picturesque snaps of beautiful beaches, or monuments visited while on the vacation. “Relish and go back to the beautiful sights, mouth watering delights, and all your crazy shenanigans from your holiday trips with your loved ones. Now, capture them all into a mini Memoir with ‘Curate a Souvenir’ every time you visit a new place!” says Hrithik. One can every once in a while simply dive back into their memories using memories passport(s).

Since its foundation, Miles Expedition has successfully delivered 1500+ trips to its clients. In the future too, Miles Expedition hopes to create new partnerships and offer each of its clients an experience to be cherished for a lifetime. “The aim is to enhance the experience of every single step while you are creating irreplaceable memories,” concludes Hrithik.