myTravelOn: A Customer-Centric & Innovative Platform Streamlining Travel Booking Experience

Kenneth Mathews,  Founder & CEO

Kenneth Mathews

Founder & CEO

Being a people oriented industry, the travel & tourism sector is one of the greatest adapters of technology for hands on services. With airlines like KLM using social media to tend to people query, and hotels resorting to chatbots & online collaterals to interact with customers, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing are the key technologies taking the sector by storm. One such strong advocate of tech infused travel is Pune based myTravelOn.

The platform makes travel process like flight booking or hotel search less cumbersome by leveraging AI to understand the customer’s choice and offering tailored options that will suite the latter’s requirement perfectly. With an inventory of 3000+ bus operators, 850+ airline partners and more that five crore hotel & accommodation partners across the globe, myTravelOn is a one stop app, boasting of one of the largest travel inventory for the customers. Some of the organizations have integrated with the platform and are reinforced by a secure and encrypted payment gateway, Eazebuzz, for booking.

However, amidst this expansive base and technical back, the team doesn’t digress from core human interaction. Therefore, the interface has been built to support on call bookings(incase of online booking
discrepancies) and make the process seamless via one-on-one conversation. “We believe that the call service helps establish personalized relationships and also help them avail extra services like airport pickup & drops, insurance or further discounts that would otherwise not be available at that moment on the website,” adds Kenneth Mathews, Founder & CEO, myTravelOn.

With an aim to offer the best booking experience to the customers, myTravelOn is constantly refining its interface and services to be more customer oriented

Innovative Travelling
Another innovative approach that caters to the customers and their convenience are the myTravelOn Travel Pass and Neo Card. Priced at Rs. 49,999. The Travel Pass is applicable to flights, hotels, buses and cabs, and enables the customers to book anywhere in India, while the Neo Card offers a unique proposition of free cab facility for airport pickup and drop. Kenneth further adds,“We aim to offer our clients a holistic experience. For instance, if the client is traveling across multiple cities, flight check in might be a hassle. Our pipeline product, The Traveller Tool, will make it easy for the customer to check-in, while we are also working on automating the process as much as possible”.

The platform has partnered with Bangalore based company for South East Asia tourism, and has an established DMC (Destination Management Company)in Bali undertaking the ingenious activities effortlessly. Thanks to its extensive business network, the organization offers consolidation and discounts to its customers on a regular basis and helps them with quick & economical cancellation and refund assistance. Though the refund policy comes with cancellation charges, myTravelOn’s special package(at a nominal fee) guarantees full refund on cancelled flight tickets or hotel bookings.

With an aim to offer the best booking experience to the customers, myTravelOn is constantly refining its interface and services to be more customer oriented. Clocking in a revenue of Rs.80 lakh (without paid advertising), the organization plans on integrating WhatsApp for reminders, adding new names to inventory, and expand into helicopters and drone rides in coming future. “We are focused on the long term plan on bringing in the new features while growing our customer base organically,” concludes Kenneth.