Oakwood: A Flag-Bearer Of Serviced Apartments

Mr. Hoshang Garivala,Director of Operations, India

Mr. Hoshang Garivala

Director of Operations, India

The new generation of travellers expects customization and localization while maintaining the highest level of hospitality and maintaining their personal lifestyle. They're looking for genuine, engaging experiences with a strong visually appealing identity. As a result, the serviced apartments industry has the market opportunity for differentiated hospitality products. Perfectly understanding the requirements, Oakwood, a pioneer of serviced apartments industry with over 50 years of experience has the flexibility to cater to every traveler's need and lifestyle preferences through its eight distinct brands. Each of Oakwood's brands caters to different target audiences with varying preferences, both across short and extended stays. Thus, guests can expect a consistent standard of amenities and offerings throughout its portfolio of brands that suit their life styles, as well as a commitment to a guest first service delivery approach. It is evident that the firm's discerning guests enjoy the luxury of spacious residences that reflect their unique, personal vibes.

With guest centric service innovation at the core of its business model, Oakwood has raised the benchmark for serviced apartment operators. Oakwood is persistent in pioneering novel hospitality experiences, knowing that guests of serviced apartments appreciate the luxury of greater space and seek the convenience of amenities within the privacy of their apartments. Unlike traditional hotels, Oakwood's portfolio is built for a residential lifestyle, with larger living spaces, well-equipped kitchens, and amenities, as well as comfortable and generous workspaces that are rarely seen in traditional hotels. “With 'Bleisure' and the trend of remote work here to stay, serviced apartments combine the convenience and comfort of a private sanctuary with the
necessities of a work environment,” signifies Mr. Hoshang Garivala (Director of Operations, India).

Oakwood strategizes its offers and experiences according to market demand and each destination’s unique charms. The firm has an ongoing offer on a global level that is, "Save for Safe Travel" that offers up to 20% on Best Flexible Rates when a guest makes a direct booking with the firm. Regionally, it offers promotions that are locally immersive, for instance, it introduced promotions during festive seasons and included amenities that promote appreciation of local culture and traditions. “We believe in curating memorable experiences for our guests across eight distinctive brands. Rather than a cookie cutter approach to hospitality excellence, our spirit of innovation drives us to deliver services that appeal to myriad guest expectations and individual preferences,” emphasizes Mr. Hoshang Garivala.

With guest-centric service innovation at the core of its business model, Oakwood has raised the benchmark for serviced apartment operators

Continuous service innovation is the cornerstone of Oakwood's success. Oakwood Premier Mobile Bar Experience, which launched as a pilot initiative at Oakwood Premier AMTD Singapore in 2019, is one of the best examples of ongoing service innovation. This novel concept allows guests to enjoy the elite club lounge experience in the privacy of their own rooms or apartments, with cocktails prepared right at their door and served alongside a pairing of canapés. When COVID-19 hit, this concept became even more pertinent for the brand in terms of catering to customers who desired to enjoy their bar/ club lounge experience from the comfort of their own apartments. Encouraged by its success, Oakwood Premier rolled out this experience as a signature brand experience across all of its Oakwood Premier properties, including Oakwood Premier Prestige Bangalore, in June 2021.

As the pioneer of serviced apartments with over 50 years of hospitality expertise, Oakwood is committed to constant innovation and evolution with a guest-first approach. Since its inception in the Asia Pacific in 1997, Oakwood has had sustained development and has a solid market leadership position in the region. In India, Oakwood has ten projects in the pipeline to complement its current collection of four operating properties. And by 2025, it is looking forward to double its managed property portfolio.