GozoCabs: Streamlining the Ride Hailing Industry with Innovative Tech

Deepesh Arora & Sanjay Kedia,Founder DirectorsThe ride hailing industry or the outstation taxi travel market is predominantly unorganized in India. If we plan to travel from city A to city B, it is not unlikely that we are unaware of a reliable, economical and yet, a genuine taxi provider in another part of the country. Gozo Technologies operating under its brand GozoCabs, was established to attempt and untangle this complex structure to emerge as the leading player in this multi billion dollar ride-hailing market of India.

Having begun its operations in November 2015, GozoCabs is on a mission to democratize chauffeur driven taxi travel all over India. The firm has three pillars of service right price, quality, and reliability. GozoCabs model connects the riders with independent ride service providers and improves cost-of-service for consumers by playing match maker in the market. Ride service providers get business and consumers get access to vehicles on an as-needed basis. This also gives the service providers an opportunity to reduce their dead-heads or unbilled miles thereby reducing cost of operations. Eventually, the customers gain from the cost benefits passed to them.

To serve this objective, GozoCabs has invested heavily in technology to organize this market space through hits analytics driven technology platform and patented algorithms. The technology ensures pooling of adequate supplies in every region and route, allocation of vehicles in a timely
manner, minimal cancellations, due diligence and compliances while on-boarding service providers, proper rating of vehicles, drivers and services, transparent pricing, easy booking process through web, app or call and most importantly, satisfied customers.

GozoCabs presently provides bookings for One Way Trips, Round Trips, Multi city Trips and Airport Transfers and has gained patronage from clients in both the B2C and B2B segments.

The biggest USP of Gozo-Cabs is its One Way Trip services, which is explained by the sales pitch `Travel One Way, Pay for One Way'

The biggest USP of GozoCabs is its One Way Trip services, which is explained by the sales pitch ‘Travel One Way, Pay for One Way’. This implies that one doesn’t need to pay up and down fares if all one needs is a drop from city A to city B. This was made possible by the well trained and tested technological algorithms put in place by team Gozo, which has ensured customer bookings of large number of One Way Trips on a given route at affordable rates, thereby making available to the driver good number of matched up and down trips. This way, the driver does need not worry about economic losses and the customer gains while paying one way fares only.

With a strong team and focused approach, it has completed over four lakh trips in last four years. More so, the firm has built a formidable network of service providers in 1500+ major cities and towns covering the length and breadth of the country, with over one lakh drivers and more than 15 thousand cars in its network. GozoCabs continues to grow rapidly with over 30,000 bookings each month.

Growth & Expansion is the Future
With an in house analytics based technology setup and a strong network spanning the entire country, GozoCabs is ready and built for a scale up in operations. Sanjay Kedia, CEO,GozoCabs explains the company’s stances for the future, he says “In the past four years of its operations, we have proved our grit by delivering exponential growth both in terms of volumes and revenues. We are now determined to beat the trend in the years to come. Again, both on the supply side (service provider acquisitions) and demand side (customer acquisition), we have shown consistent spikes. This not only speaks of the company's growth but also outlines the emerging market for app/web based outstation taxi service providers. Gozo has ambitious plans to further strengthen its operations across all regions and expand laterally with more service offerings. We also intend to explore new market territories in the near future”.