Raja Money & Travels: Imparting Direct Price System for Online Ticket Booking

Capt. Avtar Singh & Meenu Saini,,Co-FoundersUsually with a limited time, cashback offers are subjected to various terms & conditions wherein customers need to meet certain criteria to avail the benefit. For instance, if a portal is offering 100 percent cashback, users can redeem only 5-10 percent of the total amount for their next ticketing requirement. On the flip side, portals offering cashback often soar prices and then give the discount to attract users to the sheer numbers, which are misnomers while luring them to come back for the repeat booking.

Setting an example, Raja Money & Travels (RMT) works on Direct Fare System, where users can see actual price of the tickets and book them at the same price under all the circumstances, i.e. emergent as well as cordial situations and for leisure or work. This Zirakpur, Tricity based firm aims to make air travel accessible to lower middle class/middle class families by rendering low cost tickets. This facilitates the reduction in travelling time & hence increases the productivity.

“We believe in Quality over Quantity and our USP is to ascend & progress steadily by satisfying every client instead of attracting traffic through advertising, which we are not able to efficiently cater to. We don’t offer any cashback/discounts to dupe our end-users, but instead bestow direct & best prices to them,”avers Capt. Avtar Singh, Co-Founder, RMT.
Over the years, RMT has strived to offer unmatchable experience to every person seeking financial assistance, tour & travel services, including online flight/hotel/holiday package booking, currency exchange and others. Focused on providing world class customer experience, the company not only has tie-ups with majority of travel boutiques (B2B platform), but also upholds direct contact and constitutes a group of local people also to assist travellers locally at their respective destinations. Similarly, for transportation, it associates with vendors globally holding decades of industrial experience and also has its own huge fleet of vehicles.

CustomerCentric Organization
RMT goes extra mile to deliver all services as per commitment and leaves no stone unturned to leave customers delighted. Apart from paying money well inadvance to its partners, which results in prevention of suffering for the travellers due to non-payment, the company has a proactive approach and is always ready with plan B in case of any exigency arising out of some unavoidable circumstances. Its very efficient customer support team felicitates the smooth execution of work in case of any technical glitch.

“We boast of having all the places visited, the pictures or videos of which we share & post. We have put-in our best efforts to give universal appeal to our camera in order to render actual pictures of our services and facilities for the travellers. We enjoy giving comfortable services and we derive our happiness from the client’s wide smile of satisfaction & elation,” professes Meenu Saini, Co-Founder, RMT.

Irrespective of the number of clients, RMT has arranged innumerable National & International packages for places such as Goa, Gujarat, Kerala, Ooty, Manali, J&K, Shirdi & also for Australia, Greece, Switzerland, Singapore, Dubai, Japan, Hong Kong, Bali, Malaysia, Mauritius, Thailand and others, to name a few, and has not received a single complaint from its clients. Further, RMT’s automatic cancellation of booking service on its portal helps customers get refunds to their chosen payment option in shortest time frame with the help of just few clicks. Atop, it takes direct feedback from clients for its services and tries to mitigate issues (if any) immediately.

Started RMT following his passion, today, Capt. Avtar is working towards creating stronger associations with airlines and acquiring IATA accreditation with time. Simultaneously, RMT also envisions adding more staff who are passionate about travel and serving clients 24x7. “We aim to grow and show the world that even small organizations like us with few employees can also make big in ticketing industry in digital space by cost effectiveness and leveraging automation,” concludes the duo.