Zacs Valley Resort: Creating Unforgettable Stories One Can Take Back

Zac,Managing Director

A half-hour drive away from the small city of Kodaikanal witnesses narrow avenues that open-out to the lush hills of Virgin Valley seamlessly fencing Zacs Valley Resort – a perfect get-away spot ‘Unwinding to Nature’. Cocooned amidst this scenic backdrop of serenity, the resort presents a 360-degree picturesque view of verdant surroundings that veil around 14 cosy villa-cottages thoughtfully built to give one the long-forgotten sense of being close to nature. These budget-friendly yet luxurious stone-wall cottages extend a feeling of security and privacy with the best of services provided to make its guests experience something like never before.

Since its establishment in 2014, the resort strides in pursuit of reviving the long-lost organic vegetable/fruits cultivation on its fertile ground, thus adding onto not just the view, but also to a healthy delectable multi-cuisine menu made available for its guests. Beside this, the 14 acre property accommodates various amenities like a walk-in bird park or a petting park that are kid-friendly, with various trekking spots that trigger and create unforgettable memories. The resort has travel guides who take care from pick-up to sightseeing and more. Zac, Managing Director, Zacs Valley
Resort, states, “One wakes-up to the sound of birds chirping, the fresh fragrance of nature in the air and the sounds of tranquillity where everything is so close to pure nature – something that is forgotten in the bustles of city life”. If you are a nature lover, Zacs Valley Resort defines the destination that you should add onto your travel bucket-list.

"As a resort closely distanced from the national forest area, Zacs Valley Resort is well-managed by experts who strive to maintain peace in the environment and surrounding territory"

Rooms with Views & Tasty Menus
Guests being mostly celebrities or high-profile individuals, Zacs Valley Resort has taken care of privacy to the core. Every room is spacious and well-ventilated with a private balcony, big hall and an exclusive bonfire to accompany the evenings of the customers. Unlike standard hotels, Zacs Valley Resort accommodates a distinct policy of providing a four-per-room facility with a 24/7 support service and high-security standards for the safety of its guests. To attract more customers, the resort recently started a promotional package of ‘book two nights, get the third night free’.

As a resort closely distanced from the national forest area, Zacs Valley Resort is well-managed by experts who strive to maintain peace in the environment and surrounding territory. Guests are advised to stay indoors after 10PM, while loud music is prohibited to keep peace with nature. As wild animal spotting is a frequent thing here, the resort is completely solar fenced to stop any wildlife from
entering the resort. Further forest rangers help maintain the peaceful co-existence of both the human and wild-life inhabitants.

A gourmet restaurant under the chef-ship of two professional cooks serve exotic cuisines in continental, south-Indian and Chinese styles, to satisfy the palates of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian eaters. The specially prepared Zacs Barbecue (chicken & paneer) is exclusively plated after a six-hour marinating and coal roast, giving a unique flavour to the cuisine.

More that’s Going to Be
Experiencing a steady revenue growth of 22 percent, Zacs Valley Resort aims at a 30 percent hike this FY. Additionally, the resort is intending to further build 10 double-bedroom cottages, with a well-situated camping area, hot water pool and an exclusive ayurveda spa completed with an array of various adventure activities for the adventure seekers. To this nature-blended masterpiece, Zac adds, “We just aim to get guests to know what it is to be with nature, get the right sense of peace and discover yourself. One only comes here to experience something unique and take back an unforgettable story”.