Travelmate Solution: Friendly Mate for all Your Travel Needs

Delwin Davis,CEO & Managing Director

Delwin Davis

CEO & Managing Director

Ideas for startup often begin with a problem that needs to be solved. They don't usually come to one while sitting around sipping coffee and contemplating life. They tend to reveal themselves from hard work or extreme passion. Travelmate Solution is one such company that started out with a desire and is influenced by a real-time instance. Delwin Davis and his friends, possessing an insatiable hunger for travel once visited Athirappilly, a scenic combination of forests & little streams stationed in the Thrissur district of Kerala. “It was one of the unusual trips where we were captivated by the serene beauty but all changed suddenly when nature sprung another surprise. We were rescued by the forest guards from the disaster caused by heavy storm. That particular incident dawned me on how miniscule our insecurities & complexes turn out to be on the face of life’s bigger challenges but at the same time standing together against any adversity, no challenge seems insurmountable. Also, noticing that as travel is one of the most promising industries I delved deep into the varied aspects and took the call to establish Travelmate
Solution,” speaks Delwin Davis, CEO & Managing Director, Travelmate Solution.

Travelmate Solution tends to be an indicator of the mission of solving travel difficulties & considers customer satisfaction as its prime priority

Makes Travel Easy& Exciting through Extensive Offerings
Travelmate Solution is not a mere travel agency. It is the brainchild of socially committed individuals that staunch to ease the hassle that a traveller faces in the normal course. Positioned as a one-stop solution platform for travel needs starting right from booking tickets, availing tour packages, visa application and so on, Travelmate Solution tends to be an indicator of the mission of solving travel difficulties and considers customer satisfaction as its prime priority. Entitled to meet the requirements of the passionate travellers, the company offers service that determines its crucial stand in the sector. With its specialized services namely- visa arrangements, ticket booking & attestation, it renders customer-friendly reasonable rates assured from reliable vendors. Travelmate proffers a separate wing for ticketing wherein the flight, train and bus tickets are arranged. Booking, cancellation, baggage and meal addition is all taken care of as far as flight booking is concerned along with leveraging holiday packages both of inbound & outbound in nature. Delwin avers“Recently, we
conducted a travel trip for Kottat Co-operative bank employees for a Bangalore-Mysore trip. We catered to the needs such as accommodation, travel requirements, entertainment and so on. The entire team was highly elated by the services and we prefer this to be a major success.” He adds, “We offer international packages to Singapore & Malaysia and arranges Visa facilities for Dubai, collaborating with travel partners.”

Transforming towards E-Shop in the Travel World
A part of the joint venture Travidux Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Travelmate Solution is a leading tour operator & travel agent in the Kerala and is also recognized by the Tourism department of Govt. of India. Currently, operating from Chalakkudy, Amballur& Mumbai with a team of 20 employees, it is soon going to service to the Gulf and constantly aims to develop & provide innovative services based on a proactive approach to travel requirements, be it for its individual or corporate clients. The company has also been ranked amongst the top 10 of the Outlook Magazine’s All India Expo. Equipping itself for the needs of the future through research & development, Delwin concludes, “As the travel industry is one of the fastest evolving industries there is an absolute necessity to a game changer. We are working towards transforming the face-to-face business into an e-Shop with imbibing the latest technologies along with administering a 24X7 travel desk for clients especially corporate, for immediate assistance and carve a name for ourselves.”