Awesome Trips: A Group of Vagabonds Inviting You to Touch the Soul of India

Manoj Sharma, Director & CEO

Manoj Sharma

Director & CEO

Choosing a true voyage realizer from the chaos setup by the cosmic number of travel agencies and tourist companies in our country has been a pain-point for explorers from ages. Finding the authentic & knowledgeable among the guides has been another ache for travellers. Awesome Trips (AT) is a perfect fix in this crater, with its process milieu centered on providing the right information about the cultural vibes of inbound tourist destinations. To achieve this capability of delivering truthfulness, the organization hand-picked its workforce from the versatility, a bunch of experts from different parts of India driven by hardcore cultural & climate researches. The company makes sure that the experts serving a particular destination visit that place in a year and knows about the solutions for existing problems and thus, provides the customers a perfect voyage experience.

AT initiates its process by providing new customers the reference of its previous customers from their locality, working out the psychology, and the priority of trust goes to experienced vocals. The organization delves deep into the customer needs and studies how
they want to explore a particular destination. “The moment you share your voyage desires, we pen down the requirements for that particular place according to your wish, such as hotel category, flight tickets and the preferred conveyance method,” asserts Manoj Sharma, Director & CEO, Awesome Trips. The trip procedures start with a prior mail from the company including the comprehensive description and information about the chosen destination and the possible requirements regarding the climate, altitude and available facilities of the locus. After successful reception of the mail, AT provides client with an opportunity to customize it. As the next step, the company sends a confirmation voucher post the package discussions, the half of which is required to be paid while confirming and the rest after reaching the destination.

Moving with the emerging trend of adventure tourism, Awesome Trips caters the enthusiasts with almost everything, along with an expert guide

The Offer Gallery

After moving from his hometown to Delhi, Manoj had to walk through a fidgety path to come up with a voyage provider startup in 2013. He himself is a vagabond who travelled across the country and did many jobs in different profile in traveling domain like, sales executive, separation expert, and marketing
expert, service department and so on and even worked in a travelcompany for a year without remuneration, just to experience the domain. Today, apart from cross country tour programs including Andaman & Nicobar packages, the organization proffers some special inbound tour packages such as Honeymoon Special, Corporate Tours, Student Group Tours, Family Tours, Adventurous Packages, Historical Packages and Spiritual Tours. Moving with the emerging trend of adventure tourism, the organization caters the enthusiasts with everything right from camping and bedding, along with an expert guide. Furthermore, AT also provides every kind of bookings required, such as bike, cab, flight and hotel. Since the organization is driven by passion, it cares to provide something special, unique & authentic (free of cost) during the exploration of India’s vista-capitals such as Himachal.

A Group of Vagabonds

The tour experts of the company are extremely dedicated and place the company above themselves. This non-materialistic workforce of the organization are as travel enthusiasts as the chief executive, who finds their pleasure in opportunities provided by the organization to explore and get paid for doing what they love to do. “We are currently focusing on scaling the business rather than expanding. For the coming years, we plan to add our own transportation services and hotels in some particular destinations,” concludes Manoj.