Tranquille Living Spaces: Proffering Luxury as well as Investment Choices via Holiday Homes

Rahul Monie,FounderHoliday Homes are gaining popularity in today’s modern Society as a form of luxury and beaming lifestyle with several new investors. Maintenance being the top concern of these investors, a community built on self-sustaining principles such as Permaculture, rain water management system along with reliable housekeeping services with sufficient hospitalities for a relaxed and rejuvenating Holiday stay is all one desires. Tranquille Living Spaces endows its customers with a peace of mind by adeptly providing these services. Founded in 2013 by Rahul Monie, Sarab Lamba and Ken Singh, this Gurgaon based company maintains the property’s exteriors (and interiors based on clients’ requirement) in its society by establishing tie-ups with the locals and offers services like housekeeping & transportation along with a service desk to resolve issues if any.

Standing true to its name, the company builds luxurious living spaces in exotic tranquil locations like hills, beaches
forests or a hideaway in those mountains away from the busy metropolitan city and hustling roads. Though Holiday Homes are known for being a luxury choice and not an Investment opportunity with higher RoI, Tranquille’s strategy of marketing, maintaining and running the home as a resort, and helping to lease the property, has been magnetizing a mixture of investors as its clients. And there have been cases where Tranquille has helped the clients who cancelled the bookings to resell the property to dodge the financial loss.

Tranquille’s strategy of marketing, maintaining and running the home as a resort, and helping to lease the property, has been magnetizing a mixture of investors as its clients

Outstanding Services & Individuality at Belle Vue Chalets, Bhowali, Nainital
The stand alone villas are designed with a theme to sync with the geographical location and for sustaining the weather. For instance, considering the cold weather & seismic zone requirements, Belle Vue Chalets a community of Villas in Bhowali, Nainital are built with stiffened glasses with UPVC frames to resist breakage, wooden laminated floors and cent-percent functioning rain water system among others. The
land is spread wide for seven acres and around 50 percent space is kept open to feel the greenery and nature around. Utilizing the principle of Permaculture, certain kinds of plants are grouped together in a symbiotic ecosystem that enriches the soil and sustains itself without any chemical fertilizers.

The villas are fully furnished to even include bed linens, cutlery and crockery,and the interiors are done by Tilla a brand of Aaratrik Dev Varman that provides innovative fabrics from nature which gels up perfectly with the theme.

The Serene Writer’s Village at Lamgara, Almora
Rather than stretching itself, Tranquille prefers accomplishing one project at a time, which has facilitated it to deliver on-time. Tranquille is looking forward to work on its upcoming project Writer’s Village and aims at creating multiple communities like this countrywide in west, south & north-eastern regions. Built in off-beat locations, it would be a heaven for the artistic people who desire to get their creative juices flowing in a serene location. The Writer’s Village is availed with ultimate customization and customer ideation including the interiors and location, where they can choose from 50 designs &25 different dwelling units ranging from 500 sq.ft. studio unit to 3000 sq. Ft. duplex three bedroom unit.