Travel & You: Transforming Travel Plans to Reality

AshishChauhan, Ashwani Shukla,Dheeraj Jain & Satish Saini,   DirectorsThe potential of the travel & tourism industry is showing newer possibilities working hand in hand with the growing economy of the country. MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences & exhibitions) are the vertical of this industry that Travel & You has shown exponential growth in. Corporate travel is one of the possibilities that has emerged with time and has shown its potential to grow. "The four directors have been working in the travel domain for about 15 years now and what we did is we can see the demand in the market for MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions). We wanted to open a company which should be a service oriented company and not a just profit oriented company. The overall idea is to give our customers satisfactory services with an effective cost in operations", says Ashish Chauhan,
Head, Sales & Marketing,Travel & You.

From serving a total number of 20,000 customers in 2014, it completed serving over 50,000 with the end of 2018

Addressing the Challenges
The recurring drawback regarding the business operations of the travel & tourism industry has always been the pricing. This is one of the various problems that Travel & You takes into account very seriously. Due to influx of more and more companies in this domain,it has become difficult to standardise the pricing. The GST bill also had an impact on the travel businesses in India. "Recent implementation of GST on hotels and other services has had a major impact on domestic travel because the prices of hotels have gone up. So, there were people who used to plan incentive programs for their people. The rate of a room which has gone up after GST is no less than the rate of the room which we get outside India", says Ashwani Shukla, Head, operations.

Impact on the Market
Travel & You has efficiently generated happy clients in various sectors of the industry. It has been
able to cater to some of the prominent names of the industry. "Primarily we are serving some of the leading companies in cement segment. At the same time we are serving other segments of the industry like automobile, FMCG, Electronics, most of the clients we are serving are MNCs", says Dheeraj Jain, Head, International Market.

Growth & the Road Ahead
Since its inception in 2013, Travel & You has shown exponential growth both in terms of profitability and wisdom. It has been able to generate happy clients from various verticals of the industry and create a name for itself. The company has experienced a YOY growth of 30 percent in terms of revenue whereas the percentage growth in the number of customers has also been the same. From serving a total number of 20,000 customers in 2014, it completed serving over 50,000 with the end of 2018. "We are actually working on a 2 year plan right now. By 2021 we are expecting to have our numbers doubled and added to that we want to become the best agency for `tailor made groups' in the travel & tourism domain in India. We will be having corporate travel of course and we would also like to introduce some tailor made services for nuclear families and also people who want to travel in groups. We are looking forward to catch hold of that market. These should happen within the next 1 or 2 years", concludes Satish Saini, Head, Domestic Market.