Gabbit Trans System: An App that Lets You Enjoy Your Travel Free of Worries

Vipul Jain,  Co-Founder & CEO,Amit Mittal,  Co-Founder & COO

Vipul Jain, Co-Founder & CEO

Amit Mittal, Co-Founder & COO

The contemporary travel industry is experiencing a new shift in the paradigm. Today, travelers are more inclined towards independent travelling which invariably necessitates the availability of information at the tip of their fingers. Ghaziabad-based Gabbit Trans System is providing them with a helping hand at every stage so that they can enjoy their travel at its best according to their choice. The company’s in house app ‘ExploreOuting’ provides precise, accurate, consolidated & updated local information to travelers while on the move. They can now educate themselves about the nearby attractions with locations and pictures, read up on weekend getaways close to home, and can also stay in touch with nearby travelers up to date with the inbuilt Travel Forum.

ExploreOuting – Helping You Explore
Challenges are not solely limited to travelers when it comes to curating content and making their travel itinerary. The industry experts and the government too face challenges in curating successful marketing strategies and making their states tourism friendly, respectively. ExploreOuting helps them to create a win-win situation through its smart travel nature, made possible by its location based travel intelligence system, and is connecting the traveler, industry and the Government based on their location in order to conveniently help each other. The reliability of this app can be proved by its association with the Ministry of Tourism in Uttarakhand
and Rajasthan, and its partnership with the Uttarakhand Police helps ensure safety and security of travelers.

Through Gabbit, we are designing the gears that can align various forces in travel industry (offline and online travel providers) for better experience to travelers

ExploreOuting comprises of a list of nearby police stations and hospitals along with phone numbers and navigation facility. The SoS button messages the users location to all nearby travelers and police station, when pressed in urgency /calamity. For instance, Uttarakhand’s Chaar Dhaam routes are prone to landslides and mudslides. ExploreOuting’s unique feature called ‘Live Road Updates’ helps travellers save time by getting regular updates on the road conditions. Once the road block message is received from traveller, it is passed on to nearby travel industry people and police, who in-turn verifies the message by physically going at the place, and once the route is cleared, these people update information in the app about the same. Going further, this feature will cover other states and more highways information. Co-Founders Vipul Jain and Amit Mittal state, “Through Gabbit, we are designing the gears that can align various forces in travel industry (offline and online travel providers) for better experience to travelers”.

Being informed is primary and through ExploreOuting, users can post their query which is duly answered either by other travelers or by the ExploreOuting team and is published for the traveler’s reference. Additionally, the app informs the traveler’s about nearby Petrol Pump, ATM, Pharmacies, currency exchange, and many more and the user can use its built-in navigation feature
to drive down to these places. Gabbit’s hotel feature named ‘Price Your Hotel’ (in association with offline Travel Agent & Tour Operators) assists the traveler in getting a hotel complimenting their budget and with respect to their location. The services are further diversified through a successful integration with online and offline travel agents to help travelers customize their travel as per their requirements.

Catering to Every Requirement
Having worked in Silicon Valley Startups for multiple years, the co-founders believe that every requirement gives rise to revenue generation. Subsequently, they plan on expanding state-by-state where the platform will be free for travelers for information, but there will be a convenience fee, partly collected from travelers (when booking tickets/hotels) and service providers. “We plan on including promotion of tourism and travel business in our system that would make the other major part of our revenue,” concludes the duo.

Key Management:
Vipul Jain, Co-Founder & CEO

With impressive level of engagement with his team, marked by unfailing support and genuine interest in the challenges faced on every level, Vipul turns out to be an extremely dynamic leader.

He is not only a brilliant communicator on all levels, but rather aces in having a constructive outcome and inspiration to his team.

Amit Mittal, Co-Founder & COO
Amit is responsible for ensuring that all operational tasks of the business are done properly with cost efficient on time delivery. Being in-charge of maintaining healthy working environment inside company, he is also a pro at managing company's clients.

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