Travel Unbounded: Customizing The Best Travel Plans Across India And Abroad

K. Chandrashekar, DirectorThe return of ‘revenge travel’ – a phenomenon best described as a surge in travel and tourism in the post-pandemic era – has seen an increased demand for online travel services, with customers preferring speaking with travel consultants, due to numerous complications now associated with travel. Globally, the tourist industry is recovering from the effects of COVID, and by 2028, the Indian tourism and hospitality sector is expected to generate US$ 50.9 billion more than it did in 2018.

The expanding tourism sector, as well as the widespread use of smartphones and the internet, are driving India’s online travel industry. Additionally, the growth of the market would be aided by rising per capita income, developing economies, expanding urbanization, and changing consumer lifestyles in favour of improved comfort and services. Travel Unbounded based in Bangalore was established in 2015 to provide customized and hassle-free trips or tours.

Post-pandemic customers have become cautious about travel and do a lot of research, and plan with so much information but sometimes miss something. “We as a consultant advise them what best suits them. This is also one key point we are addressing with every customer of ours. Every destination and every place of stay we choose for the customers is experienced by our team members before it goes to the client to ensure one the best experiences. We don’t promote or sell places that we haven’t visited”, says K. Chandrashekar, Director, Travel Unbounded.
Travel Unbounded specializes in exotic wilderness holidays, bespoke leisure holidays & off beat large corporate events. The company showcases a wide range of services which includes air tickets, preferred hotel programs, visa assistance, and so on. “We provide exotic wilderness holidays for families to Tiger parks in India, wilderness holidays to parks in East Africa, exclusive Nature , wildlife photography tours for amateurs and professionals. We provide Customized leisure holidays for honeymooners, and families and highly affordable leisure holidays for small groups to different destinations. We also provide customized offbeat large corporate events in India, the Middle East, the far east & East Africa”, speaks K. Chandrashekar.

The team of the company is highly experienced and full of zeal in providing the best services. The company was founded by K. Chandrashekar, who has been an ardent nature lover and a renowned photographer for more than a decade. After handling senior roles in companies in Airtel, Systema Sham, for more than two decades, decided to follow his passion for travel and photography.

The add-on of Meenu Gupta is an HR professional who manages customer care personnel and handles all the tie-ups with resorts, travel agents, and customer queries. Priyanka Sharma gives an edge to the company by handling the content for the entire site. The company has locations in Bangalore, Goa, Kerala, Chennai, Rajasthan, and Nairobi. It has been recognized in the top 5 experiential travel companies to travel with –LLB 2016, 2017.

We provide exotic wilderness holidays for families to Tiger parks in India, wilderness holidays to parks in East Africa, exclusive Nature, wildlife photography tours for amateurs and professionals

Future Roadmap
With consistent growth, Travel Unbounded is expanding its network and services day by day. The company’s new WebApp would be a revolution in wilderness holidays. The firm is planning to launch daily departures looking at time constraints. Travel Unbounded would also be signing up with home stays at Himachal and Kerala for backpackers and longstay travellers.

It is open for investments in new WebApp. This being the first-of-its-kind online platform for wildlife holidays, Travel Unbounded is set to cater to a very large target segment, as the returns would be very high. It is also open for collaboration with a good social media marketing company on a profit-sharing basis to scale up its holiday packages.