Shiva Caterers & Shiva Hospitality Services: A Single Window Solution Provider for Catering and Hospitality Needs

 Shivaram Shetty,    Founder & MD

Shivaram Shetty

Founder & MD

The tourism and hospitality sector is seeing robust expansion, accounting for 7.5 percent of the country's GDP, owing to a consistent growing middle class and increased disposable income. It places a heavy emphasis on establishing experiences and relationships with customers and patrons, and marketing that inspires customer loyalty and at the same time reaching out to new customers; these are some crucial components of assuring a positive push for the overall market.

As a one-stop-solution provider, Shiva Caterers & Shiva Hospitality Services provides a whole gamut of services including industrial catering oilfield offshore, platform catering services, man power supply, housekeeping, remote site catering, materials supply, horticulture, and guest house. The company ensures special care and coordinates to guarantee that resource mobilization and site set-up are done in such a way that their clients benefit from appropriate planning and cost effectiveness.

The company is privately owned and was founded In 1981 by Shivaram Shetty, Founder & MD. All the active sites are regularly monitored and supervised with a focus on developing traditional and international cuisines as well as better services periodically for its niche clients. It is a fully mobile company hence one can be flexible. The clients are hand held right through the service delivery while paying attention to the smallest details.

“Exceeding the needs and expectations of our clients has been our utmost priority. This
is ensured by our discipline practices, our commitment to work, and forward thinking. We have always been abreast of the advancing technologies, wherein, we have integrated the latest digital payment systems and digital payroll systems to ensure efficiency. We are constantly carrying out R&D to incorporate additional digitization such as receiving consumer input in a digital mode so as to immediately resolve problems. Our ‘Eat Well Live Well’ concept will complement our healthy eating and living programmes by supporting our local and fresh food offerings,” says Shivaram Shetty, Founder & MD of the company.

Our‘Eat Well Live Well’ concept will complement our healthy eating and living programmes by supporting our local and fresh food offerings

Market Drivers and Constraints Buyers are becoming more conscious about food safety and health at the workplace and are looking to have a balance of premium customized food offerings and healthy eating options, which do not affect the budget by much. Drivers Employers are starting to look at employee dining as a tool to attract and retain talent. Competing for the best and brightest employees and retaining them over a period are challenges that companies are looking to address by offering them tempting food perks, which create an instant attraction and experience that binds the employee to the place Rising demand for customized food: India is a country wherein the tastes and cuisines change almost every 500 km, on an average, and considering the mobile workforce, buyers are looking to customize the menu as per their audience and include items beyond the regular local cuisines to create a sense of value in the mind of the employees Growing awareness toward healthy eating:

With increasing levels of stress and related health issues among the general workforce, employers are looking at ways to ensure that the workforce remains healthy. This has increased the demand for onsite dining services with healthy and fresh menu to ensure that the employees are at the best of their health and perform their best Constraints Food safety. Since the market is controlled by the small local players in the unorganized sector, compliance to regulatory norms and required SOPs are major issues, which is withholding further growth in the segment Price sensitivity among buyers. Buyers in India still mostly look at employee dining as a cost rather than a benefit or investment, and hence, do not want to spend anything more than that is necessary. This hampers the engagement and the growth over a period Not a homogenous market: India is a very diverse country, and hence, what works in one place may not work in another. Taking all these factors into consideration our company will move ahead and give best of its services to our esteemed clients with complete optimized solutions.