Travel Idea: A Full Service Travel Management Firm offering end-to-end Delightful Tour and Travel Services

Tushar Tayal,FounderLast year 9.66 million foreign tourists visited India. Securing the 34th place in the Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2019 (published by the World Economic Forum), our Travel and Tourism sector is projected to increase to US$ 492.21 billion from US$ 234.03 by 2028. Stats are presented by the Indian Brand Equity Foundation's Indian Tourism and Hospitality Industry Analysis. Augmenting the growth curve and helping in increasing the numbers in favor are travel companies like Travel Idea. A young firm based out of Assam, Travel Idea was not a newbie in the business as it captured the B2B market in addition to the cliché B2C.

Encompassing services like visa, passport creation, travel-tour financial planning, structuring packages, and strategizing domestic-international sectors' operations are the specialties of Travel Idea. Entitling prime focus on the flight and hotel bookings, Travel Idea has online and offline presence to assist customers in selecting a proper holiday package and other services. "I'm a student who has traveled to Singapore, Dubai and Sydney. This got me connected to travel agents and operators. I observe the numerous challenges that India travelers face when they travel overseas. Because our reservation system is painted uniquely ­ networking with regular agents and operators all over the world, we do not face problems in administrating the business from the office. As a travel company, we managed getting rights to access those servers, giving personal front end support to the camp
which not many people have. Trying to provide the best quality customer services every time, we also hold a lot of coupons that helps the customers at the time of bookings," says Tushar, Founder, Travel Idea.

Currently working on integrating all the worldly servers into one website, Travel Idea is researching on developments of airlines' fares online with their best availing offers. Ranging from B2B vendors to B2C customers, Travel Idea works on market demand basis. It gives the vendors best prices available in the market. Later, it depends on the vendors how much markup they want to add up. Also, Travel Idea works in models like the vendors can work under the company's brand name ­ they can work as Travel Idea's franchise but have to follow the norms set by Travel Idea. Coming to the B2C sector, various offers on the social-media channels like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are regularly marketed. To their loyal customers, the firm sends personalized offers, discount coupons for flights, hotels, exclusive deals on holiday packages.

Encompassing services like visa, passport creation, travel-tour financial planning, structuring packages, and strategizing domestic-international sectors' operations are the specialties of Travel Idea

Travel Idea uses PayU payment gateway, adding its 128-bit SSL encrypted payment gateway which secures customers' payment process if they pay online. For offline reservations, Travel Idea has also partnered with Cashfree ­ a requisite payment gateway used for settling payments made offline. These initiatives are highly safe. Travel insurance is another value-added recommendation for safer travel by Travel Idea. Being a customer-focused company, its ethics are designed for customer benefits. "Suppose Mr. X went to Kerala during heavy rainfall time. He will definitely find roadblocks there and the entire itinerary has to be changed. What could we do at such times? We would invert the entire itinerary from non-refundable defacto, thereby manage it without wasting a lot of customers' time," explains Tushar.

Making connections with curious and innovative university and school students is an approach of training people about travel inventory, general business. Instilling expertize in them about tourist destinations is Travel Idea's way of forging travel resources. On the website, as Tushar said, he is now working constructing the software, where all the prices can be aggregated into one particular website. After launch, both customers and B2B vendors would be able log in separately to benefit from Travel Idea.