Flamingo Transworld: Transforming Travel Curation through Technology

  Siddharth Shah,  Chief Strategist

Siddharth Shah

Chief Strategist

India is well positioned to become one of the world's most lucrative outbound tourism markets, which is about to expand at 11.4 percent CAGR from 2023 to 2032, as per the future market insight report. To explore the globe and discover the world's amazing destinations, Flamingo Transworld, one of India's largest tour operators, is offering a handcrafted holiday of a lifetime. The company network is spread across 35 locations in India and has planned holidays in more than 75countries.

"Flamingo began in Gujarat in 1996 and has served over 160,000 people over the last 26 years. With the mission to curate one-of-a-kind travel experiences while keeping service costs to a minimum through technology, we are lowering the cost of tour operator services while increasing value by providing customers with more options and designing unique holiday itineraries. Thus, we are not on a cost plus strategy, but rather on a value addition to an effective distribution approach", says, Siddharth Shah, Chief Strategist, Flamingo Transworld.

Flamingo is a travel franchisee headquartered in Ahmedabad, with a subsidiary in the US. The services offered are holiday packages on almost all continents with customized theme tours specialized for family or group tours with customized itineraries like door-to-door vehicle transport for hassle-free group travel. The firm also
offers flight and hotel booking portals, visa processing, and student visas. Besides that, Flamingo is a platinum contributor of partners to various airlines and is a member of all the leading travel agent associations of India.

Troubleshooting Challenges through Technology
Flamingo has overcome major challenges; the client faces, namely knowledge, price, product, and execution. The first is to acquire knowledge to solve problems. The firm's website is designed in such a systematic manner that, the customers as well as travel professionals at Flamingo can suggest the most ideal options to customers as per their preferences. Second, the product and price; the firm offers several group tour options along with various customized itineraries, which can be customized further on the fly using the company’s dynamic quotation system called a QOYO, or Quote On Your Own.

Flamingo Transworld is a hospitality company leveraging technology to deliver the best; the core of our DNA is client service

"After confirming an itinerary from the website, one can further modify or retrieve the duration of a holiday and place, particular activities like a hotel, and mode of travel through a dynamic quotation in minutes. This system is powered by activities and hotels from different suppliers around the world. So pricing is guaranteed because we work with the biggest hotel suppliers around the world, who offer land activities, sightseeing, transport, meal options, and more. So everything is on one system", explains Siddharth Shah.

The third is execution; the client’s problems and issues while traveling are resolved by back-end support through a mobile application, where a customer can access all his travel documents and itinerary on the mobile app. The client can get suggestions about restaurants and places to visit in three languages, English, Hindi, and Gujarati. The app also has more than 1,000 informative audio clips from different destinations around the world.

To summarize, Flamingo's utmost priority as a travel franchisee is to utilize technology to deliver the best possible service to its clients. Flamingo's future road map is to optimize technology to improve the overall customer experience at all levels, introduce new products, such as customizable holidays for senior citizens, solo women, and students, and continue to increase the product portfolio in terms of versatility, technology, and experience.