World Tripco: Offering Top-Notch Online Travel Booking Services for Heightened Customer Satisfaction

Maco Mari,Founder

Maco Mari


The world is digitising and embracing innovative technologies with rapidity. From watching movies, connecting with people, to sending documents and messages to buying essential items, everything is happening with a click of a button. People across the globe are using their gadgets to get their needs fulfilled, and planning a holiday or booking an experience online is not left behind either. In

"Worldtripco offers its cutting Edge online portal with various Services including bus, flight, Hotel bookings, and end-to-end Holidays package book”

the last few years, the world has slowly given up on standing in queues at railway and bus stations to book tickets. There is no time amidst the fast-paced life to call different hotels and check for an available hotel room or follow up with a local travel agent book a cab to or plan for sightseeing. The world

Manikandan.G, Co-Founder

needs solutions that can empower them to have access to all required information about a travel destination. Quick and easy tickets, hotels and experience booking solutions at the click of a button are the need of the hour. Catering to this requirement, WorldTripco, an ISO certified fast fast emerging online travel company is offering easy and effective travel booking services to customers worldwide.
WorldTripCo offers its cutting edge online portal with various services including bus,flight, hotel bookings, and end-to-end holidays package booking. It stream lines the entire process of finding the right traveling medium and stays with its smart listing capabilities. It shows the most relevant tickets and holiday details to users and simplifies the entire process of planning and executing a travel. The travel company focuses on proffering an augmented experience of holiday planning to its users and offers diverse discounts and services listed on the portal. With its easy to use interface, it aims to satisfy users every time and considers Customer Satisfaction as their paramount business goal. ‘‘We don’t work for money but for quality. We want to make travel easy and affordable for people both in India and across the globe," says Maco Mari, Founder, WorldTripCo.

Rakesh Kumar, Board of Director

The large variety of offerings in the portal aligned with holiday or any travel planning is affordable than what other online travel companies offer. The portal has an easy to use interface and allows a user to login without any hassle with just a one-time-password. The company potentially eyes on making a user’s journey through the portal from logging in, to browsing through the options, selecting their preferred tickets, booking their hotel and thus checking out from the cart after making the payment unparalleled and seamless. The advanced interface powered with unmatched UI and UX makes it easy for the users to just login with an OTP,schedule, reschedule and cancel their bookings with a click. The payment methods are safe and watertight security is ensured by WorldTripCo for every transaction of users. WorldTripCo also strives to boost customer experience by implementing streamlined cancellation policies with refunds being generated within just 48 working hours unlike other travel agencies that take 5-7 days days to initiate the same. The company also ensures that every information is communicated to the user on a timely basis through emails,messages and WhatsApp.

The large variety Of offerings in The portal aligned With holiday or any Travel planning is Affordable than What other online Travel companies Offer

"Our efforts to offer top-notch customer experience have helped us grow in the last few months. We endeavour to make our portal easy to use for everyone, and going forward, we are looking at offering jobs to more than 1000 professionals’, concludes Maco.