Role Of Tour Operators In Tourism Industry

Amit Jain, Founder, Rising Star Tours and TravelsHaving completed his Diploma in Travel Trade from the Delhi University, Amit Jain has over two decades of travel industry experience during which he has played a significant role in growing Rising Star to the position it is in now.

Tourism industry has emerged as one of the most promising industries of all. With millions of people travelling cross country and several thousands taking inter-state trips every day, it is undeniably a major contributor towards the economic growth of any country. There are numerous factors associated with a person’s need to travel which may vary from leisure to business. But at times, taking care of the travel arrangements could be overwhelming, especially when you are exposed to a huge market comprising of offline agents and online portals which boast of exclusive packages and discounts. In such a scenario, tour operators play a major role in establishing the ever-growing travel industry. They maintain a remarkable hold in driving people to travel, thereby sustaining the travel industry.

Primarily accountable for delivering comprehensive packaged travel solutions, tour operators is recognized as the industry experts who looks after each and every aspect pertaining to travel. Their job does not end at selling a product but continues throughout a customer’s journey. To provide guaranteed hassle-free travel experience, they connect with the vendors directly so as to accommodate a wide range of travelers as per specified needs. Although they have predefined roles in the industry, but in order to build a reputation, they extend their helping-hand to keep the human connect intact. Needless to say, their impeccable customer service accounts for a substantial rise in tourism sector. Given how complex the travel planning gets, a tour operator diligently works round the clock to liberate you from any inconvenience.

Travelling simplified
Ever since the internet came at our disposal, it became easy to find anything under the sun. But the catch lies in assembling the information and putting it to use. Planning a trip could be a daunting task. It may appear easy but outlining an itinerary is undoubtedly time consuming. It is humanly not possible to get in touch with all the airlines or hotels in the
vicinity of your holiday destination to get a competitive price. Think about it, why you prefer going to a mall than a store? A tour operator is your one stop shop who simplifies your life and promises a memorable time. Not only does he guide you into best suited packages but also acts as an advisor. Right from documentation procedures to money exchange rates, you get relevant insights from an expert in the business. In case of incoming outstation tourists or foreign travelers, security and comfort are of utmost importance. Thus, bookings made through a trusted tour operator always come with added advantage of safeguarding your trip. Same applies to the natives of a specific country travelling to a distant foreign land. Who doesn’t enjoy an uninterrupted stay?

The first and the foremost determinant for a flourishing tourism business is the quality of service

Diversified roles, Unified goals
Each tour operator performs a different task. When the thriving travel industry is expansive, it only viable to divide these specialists into four categories, to serve every traveler in a more personalized manner.

• Inbound tour operators
To be specific, they are the travel organizers who receive the tourists and handle arrangements in the host country. It is the duty of an inbound tour operator to cater to the needs of an incoming traveller.

• Outbound tour operators
These are the tour operators who facilitate your international travel, whether business or leisure. Travelling to a totally new country could be challenging and invoke worry about arrangements.

• Domestic tour operators
Domestic travelers are catered by these specific tour operators who gather details, incorporate them together to present an all-inclusive tour for a comprehensive experience.

• Ground operators
To make travelling convenient for visitors, Ground operators or handling agencies assign overseas operators to handle tour arrangements to provide a seamless experience for their clients. Since no single travel company can cover everything related to travel in terms of knowing government policies of the destination country, know the local excursion suppliers and so on, they hugely depend on the ground operators for that matter. For example, when you book a trip to Bali, Indonesia, your jet skiing excursion guy will be appointed by the ground operator who knows the safest and reputed supplier to avoid language trouble or compromise safety.

Travel advocates taking the lead
The first and the foremost determinant for a flourishing tourism business is the quality of service. It becomes essential to establish a cordial relation with the tourists and make them feel welcomed when your reputation rides on their word-of-mouth. That being said, several other factors also contribute towards building curiosity and rapport with the existing as well as potential travelers. Tour operators, as already said, have a crucial part to play in motivating people to travel. It would be fair to say they form the backbone of tourism industry. Given the nature of their business, they are entitled to get huge discounts for buying products or services in bulk. It is only because of their close-knitted network that we as travelers leverage an assembled and customized packages under one roof. Recognized as a major influencer, it becomes their prime responsibility to continue remaining in their clients’ good books turning it into an everlasting profitable bond.