Travel & Tourism – The Post Covid Scenario

A BIT Mesra alumnus, Sanjay has completed a MS degree in Computer Science from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. He has over 25 years of experience working with diverse companies such as Altera Corporation, IBM, Infosys, Yahoo and many others across India, US and UK regions.

The Covid pandemic entirely disrupted the way businesses function across the world. However, one industry that was most devastated due to effects of the pandemic was the travel & tourism industry. Due to the lockdowns imposed across almost all countries, flights were not available and entire airports were shut down, thus bringing global transport industry to a complete standstill. However, the industry has recovered dramatically over the last few months and is growing back to its full glory at a rapid pace. This is the case not just in India, but globally as well. Thus, travel industry professionals across the globe are in a very happy state of mind currently. Post covid, the way travel & tourism business is usually conducted has changed drastically. Right from making the bookings to customer expectations, regional travel restrictions and health guidelines, there have emerged have a lot of new intricacies that are now to be taken care of both by the customers and the travel companies. Customers now value the hygiene factor more than ever before and are very cautious & demanding when it comes to selecting their transport and accommodation options.

Tech Disruptions in Travel & Tourism

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are two major technologies that are witnessing massive use cases in the travel & tourism industry today. Most of our new offerings are backed by these technologies, which enables us to offer major differential factors as part of our product to our customers. These technologies enable us to improve the efficiency of our services and in turn offer a hassle-free experience for our customers. Although most of our products are already integrated with these technologies, their adoption will become even more intense in the days to come. With Generative AI coming becoming more mainstream, technology adoption in our industry will be an interesting phenomena we look forward to witness.

Technology Enhancing the Customer Experience

One of the few things that we have done very well during the Covid pandemic is that our post purchase self-serve has been bolstered all across our products. Everything that you want do can be done by yourself online and there is no necessity to call-up anyone except when there is a real necessity to talk to human agent. Although we haven’t started using Generative AI yet, we have massive plans in place to experiment with it across multiple use cases pertaining to serve our customers better. Since not everyone are comfortable with point & click aggregate, we are trying to make it more conversational with such people. We have experimented this in the past, but the tools & technologies available at our disposal today are much more advanced and serve the purpose better than those available five years ago.