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    The online event ticketing market is expected to register a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 5.2 percent during the forecast period of 2021-2026. With the advent of technology, long queues in front of ticket booking counters have become a rare scene. User-friendly and attractive mobile interfaces have made the process of booking tickets easier and faster. Proliferations of smartphones and mobile devices has further resulted in the popularity of online ticket booking. Online booking for cinemas and movies occupies the majority of share among all other events owing to numerous online vendors  competing to offer tickets at discount rate. Even though the market is hit hugely by covid-19 pandemic,it is expected to continue its growth faster once theatres and program halls are...

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
FlyBird Tourism FlyBird Tourism Abhishek Gangwar, Managing Director Providing travel solutions online which are integrated with travel properties such as FBT API with latest Technology for hassle free transportation & accommodation
Gaura Travel Solutions Gaura Travel Solutions Lucky Gupta, Chairman Provider of travel solutions for corporates, individuals and institutes with services for flights, trains, hotels, vacations, taxis and more
Go First Go First Jeh Wadia, Founder Online ticket booking solution provider for corporate travel and vacations, along with exciting offers and promotions
Goomo Goomo Varun Gupta, Founder Offering hassle free traveling with online ticketing for hotels, flights,trains and solutions for business travel
Goyage Online Goyage Online Ramya PV, Founder & CEO Expert in providing web & mobile solutions, internet marketing, corporate travel solutions and digital content solutions
GozoCabs GozoCabs Deepesh Arora & Sanjay Kedia, Founder Directors Offers premium travel solutions and services including tour packages for various routes and cities
Happy Easy Go Happy Easy Go Vivek Prabhakar, Founder Renowned for offering flight booking services, online hotel booking and other cost effective solutions with discounts
Jumbo Tourism Jumbo Tourism Jatinder Mohindru, Managing Director Offering excellent services and solutions for adventure traveling in cultural, walking, cycling & trekking, along with online hotel booking, bus booking and car rentals
SRDV Technologies SRDV Technologies Bhanu SRDV, Managing Directors Facilitating solutions online for ticket booking which include portal development, portal development, mobile applications, e-Commerce websites, software, app development and more
WorldTripCo WorldTripCo Maco Mari, Founder An easy to use online travel planning platform assisting people to book their tickets and holidays with top-notch experience and security An easy to use online travel planning platform assisting people to book their tickets and holidays with top-notch experience and security