Flying Squirrel Holidays: Travel Services from a Traveler for the Travelers

Niloy Nag,Co-Founder

Niloy Nag


Travel and tourism has changed from passion to a source employment for many now. The growth of this industry is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. For many, travel and holidays make their life much more meaningful, getting out of your busy and mundane routine to go and explore the world provides an opportunity to reconnect with your inner self. With the growing responsibilities and increasing speed of your life, the opportunities of packing your bags and going to places is also getting few and far. Many tour and travel agencies have come up during the past couple of years providing ordinary tour and holiday services. To make sure that you have an extraordinary vacation or travel at any given time is Flying Squirrel Holidays. Founded by of Niloy Nag, in 2014, Flying Squirrel Holidays is inspiring people to travel and create memories which they will cherish for-ever. By turning their passion into profession, the trio, Niloy Nag wanted to address the gap of quality and innovation which was lacking in the travel and tourism space.

Flying Squirrel Holidays was set up with the main motive of creating tailor-made holidays to help people travel the way they want, at their own pace and as per their own budget. A concept which might sound simple and pale has helped the company to provide a custom travel experience for their customers.
By developing on this simple philosophy of creating be-spoke holiday plans, Flying Squirrel Holidays was able to strike a chord with the passionate travelers out there. The impressive responses received from the clients helped them to expand their operations and now the company provides top-notch travel and tourism services to more than 100 plus countries. Flying Squirrel Holidays also provides wellness retreats, adventure holidays, golf holidays, tennis camps, football camps diving holidays across the world and other specialized holidays according to the client's interests. According to a research, travelers are now more and more willing to experiment with their destinations. Flying Squirrel Holidays proposes unique destinations and packages to such clients based on their initial discussions and expert reviews. The company also acts as a travel buddy for their clients to give hands-on services and turn-key solutions. Even while doing all this, the firm ensures that this dream vacation of yours doesn't take a huge hit on your savings.

Flying Squirrel Holidays was set up with the main motive of creating tailor-made holidays to help people travel the way they want, at their own pace and as per their own budget

In a space where there is fierce competition and dominant conglomerates, Flying Squirrel Holidays let their services and customers do their advertising. With the travelers get-ting more and more knowledgeable, Flying Squirrel Holidays also had to constantly update themselves in order to stay on top of their game. "Today's traveler wants a seamless experience while traveling. Consumers also want to explore everything within the shortest possible time. They prefer go on holidays that cover several countries in short bursts. After hearing what their expectations are, we explain to them the advantages of having a tailor-made holiday package and we also give them minute wise flow of what they could expect", says Niloy Nag, Founder, Flying Squirrel Holidays. Adopting this customer-centric approach has allowed the firm to create a deep bonding with each and every one of their customers.

Headed by travel professionals, Flying Squirrel Holidays are able to understand the pulse of the travelers and this has helped the company to get wider recognition within such short period of time. As for the company's future, the firm plans to take this tailor-made holiday experience to a wider audience by going digital. Flying Squirrel Holidays also aspires to focus on holidays in India especially Bengal to help bring out the beauty and diversity that Bengal has to offer to the inter-national audience.