Veridical Hospitality: A Service that Typifies a 'Home Away From Home' Experience

Anindita Chatterjee,Director

Anindita Chatterjee, Director

There is no denying the fact that Indian and international ties are strolling on an aggressive exchange of operations in diverse ventures. This said, over the years, the country has experienced continuous evolution in terms of the hotel and hospitality industry, the latest being Service Apartments that is a mushrooming concept across the globe. Economical attributes, exclusive hospitality assistance and its ‘home away from home’ feel gives service apartments a more preferred outlook comparatively. Epitomizing these aspects and closely following the global service apartment culture,Mumbai-based Veridical Hospitality is a 2015 establishment that follows the ‘Guest First’ adage and is one of the most preferred stays among corporates and expats in Mumbai and Pune. Understanding crucial factors like seamless customer service, hygiene and security, the company throws a tough-blow to expensive star-rated hotel stays.

Passionate about providing only the best, Veridical aims at providing customers with bountiful
furnished spaces that are facilitated with lush amenities that include free Wi-Fi, LED TVs/room, branded linens & toiletries, qualified caretakers, home-cooked food(on demand) and laundry services. More over, tapping the significance of security, the company also performs background checks of its guests /companies to ensure genuine affirmation. Topping it all, its wide network, ability to provide accommodation at the shortest notice and reasonably quoted prices only mark it a first choice among customers, thereby transcending the company to a premium, ethical and value based hospitality service provider among peers. Besides this, Veridical apartments are conveniently located at a city’s business centre that only gives an edge to the traveller/customer to access prime locations at ease and within time.

"There is nothing that a home fulfils that Veridical lacks; such is the expertise that guides the company’s agenda"

A Constant Effort towards Comfort
Tackling the tricky duo of price vs. quality as opposed to uncompromising hotels, Veridical is a one-stop-solution that encompasses every quality of a top-rated luxury hotel that even provides pick-up and drop cab facilities for easy commutation across the city. Be it a single night stay or a long-term one, Veridical’s enthusiasm never dips down; rather regular check-ups for pests or hygiene only assures customers that they are in safe hands, instilling an assurance that they
will be treated well on their next errand too. For a hassle-free experience, the company deploys trained and well-informed staffsto take care of client requirements. Moreover initiating a unique ‘train the trainers’ program, every staff is made accountable for their functions to create an atmosphere that comforts the minds of busy corporate clients and weary expats.

Surpassing every negative ideation of the service apartment industry, Veridical is creating impressions in the minds and hearts of its customers with its well-standardized rapport and uniform approach. There is nothing that a home fulfils that Veridical lacks; such is the expertise that guides the company’s agenda.

A Service that’s Leaping Bounds
Inspired by an article read-up in early 2013 in an international magazine, Anindita Chatterjee (Director)began her business journey in 2015 with a 3 BHK apartment that soon grew to a large connectivity of apartments across Mumbai and Pune (1230 room nights every month currently). The company aims at expanding business to various cities and automate booking and check-in processes while enhancing background checks and retrieve guest feedback for a better experience. Aiming for a min of 30-40 percent growth YoY in next few years, Veridical is on a promising pace of earning many more customers on one hand, while retaining most on the others.