Kanthi Resorts: Hosting an Experience Dovetailed with Luxury, Tranquility & Grandeur

Rooted with history, culture and divinity, Indian architectural marvels navigate us through the rich heritage and timeline of various civilizations. When it comes to exploring world heritage centres in Indian boundaries, North Karnataka gives us an exquisite tour of various architectural wonders standing tall since centuries, right from Hindu kingdom to Mughal era. If you are a globetrotter keen to explore such marvels, Kanthi Resorts, that webs an experience of luxury, comfort and history at the hillocks of Bagalkote, Karnataka is the perfect retreat for you.
Girish Kanthi, Director
Enjoying close vicinity with Bijapur and Bagalkote districts, Kanthi Resorts’ palatial property sets the mood with its architectural brilliance and inspires guests to traverse local marvels that hold both historical and spiritual significance. Nestled in an area of 130 acres, the lavish resort captures the authenticity of Karnataka, be it in terms of food, traditions, travel or religion. Places like Badami, Aihole, Pattadakal, Golgumbaz, Banashankari temple, Kudalasangama and Saudatti Yellamma temple share close connection with the resort, giving tourists an unforgettable experience of travel and tradition.Aesthetic

Marvel with Contemporary Amenities

Aptly justifying the realm’s recognition as the cradle of temple architecture civilization, Girish Kanthi (Director) invested in building a resort that defines grandeur and comfort, resting in tranquil environs. Kanthi Resorts hosts its guests in 40 executive rooms and eight cottages with each room equipped with aesthetic artifacts, thoughtful lighting design and sleek furniture. Finely furnished cottages, offer mesmerizing view of the mountains, while availability of modern amenities make the guests feel at home. “In terms of architecture, entire property is crafted in stone masonry with six different colors of stones,” adds Girish.

For those seeking relaxation in natural setting, a dip in the bubbly swimming pool or a splash in water park serves the purpose. To rejuvenate the connection between body, mind and soul, Kanthi Resorts offers wide ranging spa treatments in a professionally
trained ambience. Just when you feelrefreshed and lively, the property brings-forth the multicuisine palate for you to choose from and treats your taste buds in its four fine dining restaurants.

The experience at Kanthi Resorts elevates when the guests visit its flagship theme park residing in 15 acres of land that flags various cultural aspects of

India. From Rajasthani dance to puppet show, state-wise cuisines to jolly rides on tractors, horses and camels, the property hosts amusement like no other.

In terms of architecture, entire property is crafted in stone masonry with six different colors of stones

Perfect Balance between Space & Gusto

Wondering about the resort’s hosting capacity? Well, Kanthi Resorts’ grand venue owns convention hall of 600 sitting capacity and banquet hall for 200 guests, while the lavish amphitheatre hosts 6000 guests conveniently. No wonder, the property is well known among corporate circle for events and launches, and has proven excellence in hosting highend destination weddings. Along with NRIs, national tourists, German and Russian guests, Kanthi Resorts is also a known destination amongst bikers for unpacking tiredness. Moreover, reaching Kanthi Resorts for by-road travelers is also a visual treat, stretching at 480 kms from the Bangalore, 420 kms from Hyderabad, and a mere 425 kms from Pune’s main city. An added advantage of having two nearby airports (Hubli & Belgaum) at about 110 kms away boosts further convenience for the resorts guests. Addressing pick/drop request and customizing tourist’s itinerary on demand, Kanthi Resorts earmarks guest’s security and hygiene on top scale and maintains a management level that is FSSAI and HACCP trained, wherein Girish plays a pivotal role in maintaining hygiene and environmental safety. Currently in the process of upgrading rooms and cottages to 60 and 12 respectively, Kanthi Resorts has planted over 25,000 trees to contribute towards Green Earth initiative, and is heading to attain eco hotel certification in future endeavours. With core belief in self sustainability, Girish has opened employment doors for youth seeking future in hospitality industry and passionately follows ‘atithi devo bhava’ philosophy to justify guests’ interests.