MiceIdeas: Leading Professional Conference Organizer dedicated to Cancer Cure Events

Rajesh Sharma, MD and Promoter

Rajesh Sharma

MD and Promoter

When organizing an event, everyone wants it to be a big success and expects a full house. If there is a lack of proper planning and coordinating the event will be nothing short of a failure. Another big thing that has to be kept in mind is the type of audience that the event wants to attract. The event will be as bad if the appeared audience is not the targeted one. It becomes even harder to conduct medical conferences and make that a success. The small number of target audience being the main reason behind it. PCO'S or Professional Conference Organizers play a crucial role in making an event successful by developing customized agendas and marketing strategies to give that event the proper exposure. Set up in 2009, MiceIdeas, an offshoot of the parent company 'Nucleus', is the brainchild of Rajesh Sharma(Member at Union for International Cancer Control) who has over two decades'of experience in the pharmaceutical sector and Yash Agarwal who also has over two decades' of expertise in planning and managing events including pharmaceutical sector.

MiceIdeas reflects an amalgam of Rajesh Sharma and Yash Agarwal's expertise in their respective domains. Speaking about the inception story, Rajesh Sharma, MD and Promoter, MiceIdeas says "The key idea behind the formation of the company was to give it a PCO form which understands and the needs and requirements of its clients from the Oncology space be it medicine, equipment, diagnostics, allied products
companies or the Medical Practitioner itself."

A young name in the PCO industry, MiceIdeas had some major problems in their initial stages, discussing which Rajesh shares, "While we have quite successfully overcome the initial challenges, some of the hurdles were Fee Pattern, Communication and Projection Styles, acceptance of operation style. We also had to put a lot of effort to identify and finalize both the team structure and the correct candidates for our company.

The combination of indepth knowledge and experience of dealing with the oncology space for over 3 decades, along with their delivery timeliness and strong networks has made MiceIdeas a leader in this niche segmen

Today, MiceIdeas is the only specialized agency in the country to operate in the Oncology space. Being a PCO, MiceIdeas has multiple operation areas including conceptualization, client servicing, hospitality and logistics, and data management. MiceIdeas is unique when it comes to the services they provide, some of those include expertise in conducting international licensed educational seminars, national registered society meetings the specialized practitioners, marketing campaigns and strategizing new products technology launches, market surveys, patient awareness and education campaigns. MiceIdeas has also worked and collaborated with international organizations to conduct globally recognized events. The combination of indepth knowledge and experience of dealing with the oncology space for over 3 decades, along with their delivery timeliness and strong networks has made MiceIdeas a leader in this niche segment.

A strong supportive staff is crucial to have such an impeccable track record in such a tough segment. Explaining about their organizational structure Rajesh says, "We groom new team members with our ethos while including them into the team. The range of our operations and services is broad and because of that our team members get proper exposure to all of our working areas and later they can choose an area of interest they want to work in".

For a company like MiceIdeas proper planning towards the future can create a lot of opportunities. "We will be developing IT platforms to take this to the next level including AI for making a better experience for the clients. Our next big project is a conference in Mumbai and that would be the gathering of 10,000 plus some colleges from India and we are expecting more than 3000 people from outside India. So, we will be developing our networking through this project", concludes Rajesh Sharma.