MOE India: Geared Up to Handle Corporate Event Management of Any Volume

Conducting and coordinating an event takes a lot of effort and time. There is always an added pressure on a company or an individual to make it a success. Whether it is a leisurely family trip or a product launch of a huge company the success of that event lies in the attention given to the details. To make an event spotless and tension free many are consulting professional event management consultants. However, the most important thing that one should consider before finalizing a consultant is their ability to pull off an event amidst the possible plethora of problems. Set up by Thilak Mathivanan in 2012, Ministry of Events or MOE India LLP was established with a vision to make every event successful.

Starting from a humble background, in the beginning, the only driving force behind MOE India was the strong and persistent determination of Thilak and his colleagues to make MOE India into a major player league of event management. Looking back, Thilak recalls the hard times that he had to face during the early days of the firm. "Our clients during the early years often demanded that we have experienced before we start, we also faced many challenges with finances. However, we have stood strong all the while. Today, we not only have a good ranking but we have also proved our customers that whatever happens, we can still run the show," shares Thilak Mathivanan, Founder, MOE India LLP.

MOE India was incepted with the sole objective of becoming one of the most successful companies in the event management space. Being in such a competitive field, MOE India had to widen their horizons to survive the competitions. Talking about their area of expertise, Thilak says "Our primary services include events like Corporate meets, Product launch, Conferences, Brand Marketing events Award ceremonies Theme event parties Exhibitions, Live Shows and Concerts. These are the spaces where we vest our major focus on
and our MICE services span across India and abroad.
Thilak Mathivanan, Founder
"With their immense amount of experience acquired over the years and the strength of their networking, today MOE India has created valuable connections with hotels and other service providers. Adding to this Thilak mentions, "We have made a name for ourselves in these past years. We try to understand and meet the client's requirements. For example if a client says they want to take n-number of people to so and so places, our well trained team understands the agenda of the conference or the MICE program. We then do our homework and give them the concept according to their necessity.

With their immense amount of experience acquired over the years and the strength of their networking, today MOE India has created valuable connections with hotels and other service providers

"For a company to be successful in a short span of time the support from your staff is very important. MOE India operates on a flat structure where its employees are given equal opportunity to learn and thrive. "We believe that all of us are leaders in our company and by instilling this method all of our employees take great pride in what they do," adds Thilak.

For such a deep rooted company like MOE India future holds a world of opportunities. When asked about their future plans Thilak has a clear road map ahead of him, elaborating on which Thilak says "Our upcoming objective is to open another branch in 2020 either in Chennai or Hyderabad. Also of course we're increasing our bandwidth to provide better services to our clients. We are also trying to rework on the pricing factor and how we can optimize our pricing to satisfy a bigger audience in order to increase our clientele."