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Arjun Sethi,FounderEvery day, thousands and thousands of Indians travel from one part of our vast country to another. Flights take off and land by the minute, never skipping a beat and flying to the farthest corners of our world, making travel convenient and accessible to anybody. The streamlining of travel has propelled civilization towards splendid progress. Pearl International ventured into the realm of travel back in 1989, when it was considered a luxury. One of the firsts in the field, Pearl built strong relationships with all major domestic & international airlines and won several awards for their successful distribution of airline inventory to their strikingly diverse customer base.

Their vast network of global hotels allowed their customers to book rooms and flights simultaneously. Being pioneers in their field, Pearl began enjoying the privilege of strong relationships of trust with repeat customers who swore by their specially contracted rates.

An IATA accredited entity, Pearl International is a part of major trade platforms such as The Travel Agents Federation of India, the Travel Agents Association of India, and the Indian Association of Tour
Operators. It was only a matter of time before Pearl International kicked off operations on their online vertical - Commencing operations in 2012, SastiTicket.comis the brainchild of Arjun Seth. The company empowers their agent partners & distributors and offers the cheapest flights and hotel rooms available from all their airline and hospitality partners.

SastiTicket is steered by capable hands and backed unflinchingly by industry professionals

In an industry this competitive and dynamic, SastiTicket is steered by capable hands and backed unflinchingly by industry veterans. Their technology has been customized to power online & global booking engines. Built with the robust technology of Travelport & Amadeus and managed by experts in service & domain experience, SastiTicket is a one-stop shop for the smart traveller.

SastiTicket’s powerful technology, superior customer care and competitive rates make them the preferred partner of multiple Indian and global metasearch travel platforms like Ixigo, Skyscanner and Kayak.

With dedicated& customizable self-booking tools, the SastiTicket team services blue-chip and SME corporates of India. Their agile hybrid model allows them to facilitate booking services on a large scale for corporates and travel agents a like who appreciate the
convenience and the easy savings from bulk bookings.Their deep-reach into the industry provides customers with specially negotiated fares and hotel rooms along with implant desk services when they are managing travels at a client's site. Their partnerships with reputed MNCs and unicorn start-ups are a testament to their great success, making them the first choice in airline bookings.

Hassle-free ticket booking assistance
Owing to a plethora of services available online, customers often find it confusing to choose the portal that suits their needs. With the help of a reliable ticket model, SastiTicket ensures trustworthy accommodation – which are cost effective and safe.

The prime strategy of the organization has been one of partnership within the travel ecosystem in empowering both existing and new platforms rather than compete with them. Those looking to expand their business through travel offerings can do so using their robust technology and contracted inventory.

Since inception, the company has grown by leaps and bounds, and currently boasts of a team of over 350 people and 10 branch offices. “We maintain a clear line of communication with all our employees. Our bi-monthly newsletter which reaches everyone’s mailbox details the latest innovations of all technologies relevant to SastiTicket,” mentions Arjun.

With a dynamic and co-operative work culture,the SastiTicket team work together and play together, and hence, stay together!