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Hari Venkata, Founder

Hari Venkata


Believe it or not, the technological advancements have significantly impacted our lives. Whether it is shopping, booking movie tickets, or ordering food online,all are just one click away! Not only this, even booking bus tickets online is available too. There are now online portals in India that offer hassle-free bus ticket booking on-the-move with the help of mobile apps.

Focused on providing world class customer experience forcustomers, one such smart bus ticketing portal is (MBT). A world class Cloud based bus booking platform that is highly scalable, reliable and secure, MBT aggregates more than 1,30,000 bus services across 24 states in India. MBT primarily aggregates intercity bus services – both private and government services. The company has tie-ups with over 2500 bus operators across India.

The Ideation
Year 2012 marked the beginning of MBT by a group of online entrepreneurs with decades of experience in consumer and enterprise software in the U.S. They
were the ones who had a combined determination to fill the growing need for simple and easy to use online and mobile bus ticketing portal.

MBT aggregates more than 1,30,000 bus services across 24 states in India

Over the years, MBT has strived to offer personalized &seamless bus travel experience focused on Smarter Transportation. Unlike other bus ticketing players who have diluted their focus, team MBT has chosen to focus exclusively on the bus ticketing market which is a very big market opportunity in the coming years - mentions Hari Venkata, Founder.

The MBT website complies with all major Security, Privacy and Compliance regulations. The software runs on Microsoft Cloud Tier - 4 data centres - which have the most stringent data security standards.“Our software runs on platforms that are PCI DSS Compliant. All the data in transit is encrypted using SSL - SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption – the strongest on the market,” he says.

Convenience rightly Served!
Being a B2C internet business, MBT has lakhs of customers and to serve them the company goes an extra mile. The company is known to have the best support team who are available anytime through phone, chat or through email. “We train our
new hires by pairing them with experienced team members. In addition to that, we are always educating, mentoring, coaching team members on as needed basis. Our work culture is very collegial and collaborative and pretty much a flat organisation,” speaks Hari.

Further, to enable seamless cancellation/refund of tickets for the customers, the team ensures 24/7 and 365 days cancellation of bookings. Based on the individual bus operator’s refund policy, they refund the customer’s money back to their chosen payment option. “We are very particular about refunding the customer’s money because, after all it is their money and we do not want to hold it for one extra minute than needed,” adds Hari.

MBT is said to offer has 11 different types of payment modes that are integrated with most of the top wallets in market. They also offer a very safe and secure payment platform to customers. All the payments and refunds are processed automatically based on the type of payment mode chosen.

Recognition is their Great Motivator
A testimony to MBT’s success is their recognition in Nasscom Product Conclave2014 among Top 100 of India’s Most Innovative Product Companies, Microsoft Scale-Up Alum Start-Up – 2014 and T-HUB Catalyst Program.Interestingly, MBT has been growing at higher double-digit rateson a lean marketing budget and are putting in place plans to grow by many multiples in the coming years.