Devarya Wellness: Where Yoga Defines Resurgence & Healing

Chandra Parihar,  Owner
Born within a spiritual family with deep-rooted value systems in Rajasthan, Chandra Parihar (Founder, Devarya) found himself laden within a cloud of family responsibilities at an early age, to which he knew personal development would be his only respite. Citing nature, travel & education as his best teachers. With the essence of the teachings of the Bhagwad Gita. Chandra grew-up to become an ardent devotee of the teachings of his religion & later in life connected with the teachings of the yogic scriptures & the benefits of a mindful & holistic lifestyle. To which Devarya Wellness was born, in 2016 in Goa. ‘Devarya’(divine belief in Sanskrit) is a dedicated Yoga & Wellness resort that aims to portray the state (Goa)in all its magnificent natural bestowment, opposing its party-luscious claims. Irrespective of caste or creed, the centre is open to people from everywhere to reside and experience rejuvenation through its mental, physical and emotional healing. Through Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda and detox, Devarya instills the true sense of serenity and peace via workshops and retreats, all witnessed before the therapeutic rhythm of waves on Morjim’s shoreline, a space where everyone can enjoy the benefits of a yogic lifestyle shrouded in nature.
"Through Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda and detox, Devarya instills the true sense of serenity and peace via workshops and retreats"
Designed in tune with its ulterior décor – Peace, Devarya’s architecture draws inspiration from its Rajasthani roots well merged with designs of Goan indigeneity. The center beholds an aligned authentic Indian essence pledging modern comfort, fenced by tropical gardens and palm groves within which two swimming pools (leisure pool & length-swimming) welcome guests to a heavenly settlement of rooms that span across 7000 sq.mtrs. While an exotic Yoga Shala accommodates space for retreats /workshops, a double-level beach-front restaurant called ‘The Chia Lounge’ serves exclusive menus(vegetarian,non-vegetarian, vegan & gluten-free dishes) predominantly in Goan, Rajasthani and European cuisines catering to wellness & ethical lifestyles. Furthermore, for guests on Yoga-Holiday, retreat or training, a separate breakfast and dinner buffet is provided inclusive of an al-a-carte menu that offers special juices and smoothies.

Wellness Experiences amidst Goa’s Vibrant Energy
Surrounded by an ethereal aura with each room enveloping relevant
chakra energy and vibrancy and its close-to-nature like furnishings, Devarya’s rooms epitomize an out-of-the-world experience. Besides these exclusive holdings, the establishment’s highly experienced yoga-teachers are carefully chosen to provide guests an authentic, safe and supportive yoga experience, apart from creating detox-packages based on in-house Ayurvedic doctor/nutritionist advice. With a 24 hour doctor-on-call facility, Devarya’s ayurvedic, holistic and therapeutic treatments are also regularly revised to ensure utmost comfort and security of guests who come from various parts of the world, to seek resurgence in this exotica.

As security marks the brink of its prime motives, the resort offers tight security even reserving a part of the beach exclusively for clients additionally providing no-commission taxi services or free concierge services to guide them around Goa. Thus, the resort/peace factory holds to its success the ‘Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence 2017 & 2018’ along with ‘No.1 on Trip Advisor for specialty hotels in Morjim’. Noticing its successful venture over the years, Devarya is in pursuit of building a closed air-conditioned Yoga Shala to tackle the scorching monsoon-humidity as well as keep it year-long available to serve corporate and leisure clients seeking rejuvenation. The establishment soon anticipates the launch a second resort with several more in store to be launched across PAN India to provide Yoga and wellness to the world in the most unique Devarya way.