Marbela Beach Resort: Where Tranquillity meets Gala Escapades for the Chic & Elite

 Jaydeep Rajebhosale,   Owner

OliveRidley sea turtles at shore, silhouettes of dolphins spotted against the golden-dusky sunset at a distance and the surreal tran-quillity accompanied by endless slapping of waves against the white sandy coastline! This is no panoramic scene from a Hollywood film or a fantasy-destination depicted by an adventurous artist; this is a sight from the Morjim beach beds laid at the deck of Goa's Marbela Beach Resort that was established in 2007. When its owner Jaydeep Rajebhosale then used Marbela as their beach-house getaway, an idea struck and Jaydeep erected two tents that were eventually hired by a Swedish couple who stayed the entire season. A Russian couple followed, reserving the place for a month-and-a-half. Acknowledging prospects, the duo setup another shack in 2008 and thus began a journey that scripted the vacations of hundreds of sight-seer s trotting the spans of Goa ever since.

Surrounded by a combination of simple pleasures, beauty and privacy, Marbela Beach boutique hotel draws chic and exclusive crowds, where visiting for just
business or pleasure becomes a blur. The resort accommodates six Spanish villas, 12 white luxurious tents and royal suites with an open-air beach-front lounge, restaurant and bars, starring local and international DJs and performers, with an exclusive spa and fashion boutique. Offering exhaustive scrumptious menus that include wood-fired pizzas, to Italian cuisines and Indian Tandoori specials that are nutritiously prepared and aestheti-cally presented, the resort also avails a new beach menu with its chef's expertise in Japanese, Thai and Indonesian dishes. A Champagne terrace and a recently launched night club host some of the most engaging vibrant parties (white & themed parties), no doubt making it the first-choice rendezvous core even among well-known celebrities.

"Apart from its most celebrated vivacious vibes and contrasting serenity, Marbela's attentive and skilled staff cater to making the guests experience a time like never before"

Marbela's Relaxed Sophistication
Apart from its most celebrated vivacious vibes and contrasting serenity, Marbela's attentive and skilled staff cater to making the guests experience a time like never before. Several beach activities like volley ball, mini soccer, water surfing and kayaking under the expertise of an in-house trainer is carried-out to boost holiday spirits. Several tepees and Cabana tents are also strategically placed along
the beach for guests to bask under the warmth of the sun. Availing expert masseur /masseuses, guests at leisure can sip champagne while indulging in the most relaxing foot massages. The in-house spa further offers ayurvedic, holistic and result-based therapies on a private beach-view therapy room and an exclusive set-up for individual/group yoga fans seals just the right definition of a whole different world from the monotony of daily life. Such is the extraordinary service of Marbela in staging as the ideal vacay-spot for both native &international tourists.

Furthermore, the resort also hosts a special beach-side BBQ Friday serving a menu that plates delicious sizzlers and food served with veggies, while the bar alongside the restaurant mixes refreshing beverages and imaginative cocktails all day, the service of which extends to even the sun-bed area. Following a long eventful day, tired guests scurry into their well furnished luxurious abodes that echo the theme of the resort either overlooking the sea or the lush green garden set-up.