Safar Tours and Travels: Offering Comprehensive Tour and Travel Services in a Multitude of Countries

Ravi Sharma,FounderEveryone would love to travel and going on a tour with your family and friends is one of the best ways to forget about the stresses one might be facing in their work. With the number of travelers and tourists visiting places skyrocketing in the past couple of years the travel and tourism industry has seen a rapid growth. Many players both big and small have been closely monitoring the growth graph of the sector to make the perfect entry into the market. With the growth percentage only going to get higher in the coming years many small companies have been mushrooming trying to catch the cash wave be-fore there is nothing left and this profit centric approach is one of the most demotivating factors that any aspiring traveler faces when contacting a travel or tour consultant.

Understanding this evident gap of professional travel and tour consultant that can offer personalized solutions and experiences for the travelers, Ravi Kumar a travel enthusiast himself who was running another business in the engineering field zeroed in on the establishment of Safar Tours and Travels. Setting out to offer customized travel solutions Safar Tours and Travels had planned out a clear work objective to give the best travel experience for their clients. "From my point of view the holiday tour is a leisure
time spared from our busy and stressed life to enjoy with family and friends but instead of enjoying the holiday it is again stressed since almost all the tours start in the early morning itself. So to discontinue this we started to target customers of upper-middle class and higher class, like Class 1 officers, Police officers and Business-men. To cater to them we have created personalized tour packages. We generally design the tour plan as per the customer requirement and budget and this helps us to understand the different types of customers increasing our knowledge of the market", avers Ravi Sharma, Founder, Safar Tours and Travels.

Setting out to offer customized travel solutions Safar Tours and Travels had planned out a clear work objective to give the best travel experience for their clients

By concentrating on the wealthy class of the society the brand has been able to grow and develop at a much faster space. As an avid traveler himself, it was easy for Ravi to understand their clients' requirements and all the services offered by the company concentrates on making their clients' tours and travel seamless. "The service and pampering of our guests is our core competency. Also, we don't com-promise on the services to save the cost of purchase. In each and every destination we try hard to get the best products and we ensure that the vehicles used for transportation is not older than three years. Hotels and restaurants are visited every 6 months to keep a close watch on them, and we make sure that the guide that we provide is friendly and loves his job so that he will deliver the best service to the guests. We call up the guest everyday in the morning to remind them about the schedule of the day and call in the night to get their feedback and if there are any issues then we immediately rectify it. Hence we are learning and developing everyday", includes Ravi.

It is this attention to even the most finest of details that has helped Safar Tours and Travels that started out as a small company operating in a 350sqft rented office in 2014 to develop into a stable organization that has multiple offices in India at Mumbai, Ichalkaranji, Sangli Vita. The company has also launched offices in various other countries including the USA and Indonesia and they are also planning to open their branches in Pune, Ahmadabad, Surat, Sydney, and Japan in the coming years.