Trip Me: The Future of Travel

Ajay Alexander & Sajay Alexander,,Co-FoundersA story of consistent hard work of two brothers – with a vision to make the tourism industry more informative, innovative and entertaining in India has paved way for first of its kind state-of-the-art technology travel company – Trip Me Technologies. Capt Ajay Alexander & Sajay Alexander entered the travel industry by venturing into a vacation rental platform called Ezz Villas. This was the beginning. Later, in 2013 they established Ezz Holidays where they focused on providing fully customized tour plans and did bookings according to the customer needs throughout India.

Living up to the interest, the duo continued their tour plan creations and bookings, offline. This involved the traditional aspect of booking tour plans, where the services were dependent on the sales team. Today, because of their customized travel plans and experience of the team in the field, Ezz Holidays has attained five-star rating across various platforms like Google, Facebook & TripAdvisor. The company has completely evolved and continued to cater services under the brand name Trip Me.
Capt Ajay, throwing light on the initial days, speaks “We lacked on sales number due to slow movement. When we gained good knowledge of the industry from past years’ service we were confident enough to move for online customized trip plan creation and booking platform by using a bit of artificial intelligence and automation. This helped our team and customers to plan and book a tour plan within few minutes.”

Bangalore based Trip Me has forayed into a whole new dimension where they are changing the way people see tourism industry

Hassle-free Services on the Go...
Be it MNCs or small travel agencies, they all lack a good-on trip service. In case of any kind of complaint or assistance that a traveller might require, these companies go through multiple linked calls and are later escalated to a customer representative, who has no idea of the need of the traveller. This has created a negative connotation in the industry and a main reason why companies fail to attract repetitive customers. Sajay Alexander, CEO of Trip Me explaining their way of enhancing the customer experience, says “From the very beginning, we make sure to give traveller’s what we’ve promised, either by rechecking and reconfirming all bookings with hoteliers and cab before commencing of the trip. Also, our travel reps are assigned to
all the on-going trips, at all times. Similarly, on the online front, we follow the same strategy for our trip planner too, where every trip plan is assigned to individual travel rep dedicatedly... Our automated mail and message system also help the travellers get the real-time update and ensure hassle-free experience on all our services.”

Trip Me has carved a niche in the industry at present by creating a unique online planning and booking platform, where this provides customers a wide range of choice using the theme based selection of places. Moreover, a traveller can plan the trip by selecting preferred sightseeing places according to the theme based or individual or both. Additionally, users can book international & domestic flights, cabs, and buses.

What’s New?
Bangalore based Trip Me has forayed into a whole new dimension where they are changing the way people see tourism industry. For instance, most travellers are unaware of the importance of the places they visit. They either hire a tour guide or search online about the place. To make the travel experience meaningful and experiential, team Trip Me is bringing in augmented reality technology along with artificial intelligence. “We are building a product that helps travellers be informative, entertained and amazed. In the next couple of months, you’ll see many technologically advanced products and services revolutionizing the travel & tourism industry from Trip Me.”