un[travel]: Stop travelling. Start Experiencing.

Sunando Sen,Co-Founder

Sunando Sen


The genesis of un[travel] is linked to the co-founders’ personal travel experiences. Sunando Sen, a passionate traveller, firmly believes that travel is a vitally important part of life, as it provides relief and broadens one’s perception & understanding, thus transforming us. Being globetrotters, Sunando and his co-founders have travelled to destinations across the world. While planning their expeditions they saw that there was a clear gap in the market – as there was no travel portal that offered customized, differentiated holidays while providing a high level of service & destination knowledge. Also, most online travel agencies focused on the transactional products like air tickets and business hotel bookings. The ones that were selling holiday packages, mostly offered standardized group departures with routine sightseeing to popular locations. Moreover, these agencies lacked quality control. Observing this lacuna in the travel industry, the team decided that there is a dire need of a player who can address the requirements of a discerning traveller. Thus, un[travel] was born.
Led by a team of twenty travel enthusiasts, un[travel] is one of the very few travel portals globally that
offers highly customizable, differentiated holidays across the world for discerning travellers. With their curated experiences that ensure high quality, best-in-class customer service and in-depth knowledge of the locations offered, the company endeavours to be the first choice for travellers seeking the best customized holiday experiences across the globe at a competitive price.
Explicating on the inception journey, Sunando Sen, Co-Founder, un[travel] speaks, “Most of the travel operators proffer standardized holiday itineraries with very little scope of customization or personalization. Their approach is ‘one size, fits all’ and the activities and accommodation suggested are mostly run of the mill. Identifying these issues, we at un[travel] came up with a technology driven portal that lets travellers plan trips based on their personal choices, itineraries & interests.”

un[travel] is engaged in offering differentiated holidays with a strong focus on building a robust and ever evolving tech platform

Unique Experiences, Personalized Itineraries & Differentiated Accommodations
Fortifying the quote that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a first step, un[travel] assists the traveller in taking their initial step. Customizing every moment right from where an individual wants to go, stay, to charting out the activities at the travellers’ pace and terms, un[travel] promises three key elements to a holiday, viz. – ‘Unique Experiences, Personalized
Itineraries & Differentiated Accommodations.’ The major services provided by un[travel] include tailor-made holidays based on customization options and guests’ needs, high quality curated offerings & high standards of service & professionalism. Additionally, through their in-depth knowledge, specialization in complex locations and products, un[travel]adds value to the traveller’s holiday beyond standard experiences.
un[travel] uses technology & automation to help travellers design and book completely customizable, differentiated holidays online. Backed by smart marketing campaigns, it ensures that travellers create memories of a lifetime with just a click. “For us, the quality of our clients’ holiday experience is paramount. Driven by technology, and with industry-leading service quality & professionalism, we at un[travel] maximize operational efficiencies and minimize response time to customers,” avers Sen.

Technology: The Way Forward
Gurgaon headquartered un[travel] has other offices in Kochi and a presence in Tokyo. In their short journey so far, they have already designed holidays across the world to places such as Morocco, Iceland, Cambodia, Europe, Ladakh, the North-East of India, Andamans& more. While satisfying 1,000+ happy travellers benefitting from their platform, at present the company has an annualised revenue run rate of US$2 million, and is mapping to scale for growth now. Sunando enthusiastically concludes, “The roadmap ahead for us is to scale & grow. We will continue to work extensively on the technology side to achieve the best efficiencies, curate more unique experiences & build more in-depth expertise in our focus locations. We expect top-line revenue of around US$8 million in 2018.