Vkonnect Holidays:- Addressing Your Travel Needs

Amrita Roy, Director - Sales & Marketing

Amrita Roy

Director - Sales & Marketing

Going on a vacation and coming back with pleasant experiences to share is easier said than done. Most people dream of travelling to newer destinations. But, how often do they succeed in turning their dreams into a reality? As a matter of fact, a majority of them give up at the initial stages of planning. This is the truth. Even if they succeed, they end up overspending, or in worst case scenario, they get cheated to such an extent that it leaves emotional scars resulting in a negative effect on a person’s opinion about travelling to newer locations. Because, experience is all it takes to build or break a dream to travel. Not everyone is adventurous.

However, if guided correctly and taken suggestions from an experienced traveller, one can simplify the entire process and enhance the overall experience of the trip. Amrita Roy, an experienced traveller and the co-founder of Vkonnect is an enthusiast when it comes to travelling. Sharing her passion for travelling, she says, “My wanderlust includes travelling to
newer destinations, meeting new people of different ethnicities, and savouring cuisines that are endemic to the place. More than anything, there is this immense amount of joy that comes from helping people plan and curate trips. Designing those beautiful dreams is my passion. Bringing a smile to their face is what inspired me and my team to setup Vkonnect Holidays."

Vkonnect provides an array of customized travel services and solutions to both international and domestic clients

A Road to Personalized & Innovative Solutions
Established in 2011, the journey of Vkonnect was filled with ups and downs. Initially, the company did face a few minor glitches in terms of manpower, funding, contracting with the suppliers and quoting the best price to suit customers’ budget. Sailing against the wind, Vkonnect was able to address all these challenges and seize the opportunity once and for all by providing top class services that include round the clock support to customers and B2B clients. Today, the company provides an array of travel services and solutions, both international and domestic. It offers customised tour packages on outbound and inbound tours.

Vkonnect is synonymous to innovation and advancements in the space. Amrita adds, “We
are a one-stop shop for all travel services, right from flight booking, hotel reservations, VISA assistance, wide variety of holiday packages from FIT to GIT travellers, foreign exchanges, international SIM cards and travel insurance facilities. We Specialize in designing customized itineraries. Additionally, we have separate segment handling individual elements, be it award ceremonies, weddings, and events. We also have special flight deals available around the years. Recently, we have launched B2B & corporate portal – AIRPNR, catering to B2B and corporate segment. This is an online travel portal for booking flights, hotels, travel insurance, bus tickets.”

A Thriving DMC
Awarded as the best travel company in Delhi NCR region for outbound tour operations, Vkonnect is in an expansion phase at the moment whereby they have few investors in the channel that are there to boost the growth of the company. Also, spearheaded by a young and dynamic team, Vkonnect is meeting the industry standards effectively. Amrita throwing light on the same, says, “Vkonnect is developed with knowledge. We are soon coming up with short-term training course of two months structure designed for candidates, who are keen to join the travel & tourism industry to grow and excel. Also, we will be adding more destinations and creating exclusive tour packages to unseen and unexplored places.”