Wonderful World: Women on their Trip

Liane Ghosh ,Co-Founders

Liane Ghosh


Travel is fun. More than just a seeing of places, travel denotes refreshment of mind and soul! There is so much of this wonderful world to see and develop wonderful bonds with fellow travellers too. Every woman should be free to escape on a journey of discovery, adventure and fun. Idealizing and imbibing this ethos is Delhi / Bangalore based Wonderful World that offers tried and tested travel for all women whose passion lies in travel, adventure and discovery. The women powered travel team at Wonderful World scouts for and visit unique places of breath-taking beauty, heading out into unknown worlds, savouring local flavours and life, experiencing popular cultural and historical traditions. Throwing light on the discovery, adventure and fun, Shibani, Co-founder, Wonderful World, explains, “Our endeavour is to hook up with the best places to stay at – and to make your travel comfortable and safe. We travel with you, in relatively small groups to allow you to make your journey your own individual experience”.

Wonderful World chanced when Shibani met other like-minded women in 2013. Liane, a travel enthusiast herself found them on
Facebook and signed up for a trip to Bhutan in 2015. Liane and Shibani met when Liane joined Wonderful World for another trip to Arunachal Pradesh. Somewhere along the way, they became friends and their fondness towards travel further shaped Wonderful World. Since then, they have organised a total of 53 trips so far. The duo invests considerable time to research about the place to travel and hand pick each hotel. “From when people sign up with us - we book any tickets required without any extra charge to the client and help with guidance on visas for international trips. A detailed email goes out from our end telling participants about the general details,” speaks Shibani.

Wonderful World customizes travel packages to suit a person’s budget, preference for the kind of itinerary that they like

Liane adds, “On the trip, we tie up with very good local guides, who we whet in advance. We only provide customised packages to places that we have personally been to. And for that place, we can customize packages to suit a person’s budget, preference for the kind of itinerary that they like”.

Safe & Sound Travel Plans
Shibani and Lianehave explored new destinations with the help of passionate and supportive women - travel enthusiasts who have shown immense confidence on them. All the trips organized are well
thought, safe, comfortable and provide value for money. “The average age group of the ladies joining us is in the age group of 40’s and 50’s. We have ladies in their 30’s and 60’s as well-infact we have an 80-year-old joining us for one of our forthcoming trips,” enthusiastically mentions Liane.

With Wonderful World, women feel safe enough to venture out on their own - without families. “A travel outfit like ours allows women to seek company on their travels, offers a safe solution that they can present to their families and had the added benefit of them actually meeting new and like- minded ladies. They travel the world and make good friends along the way. What could be better,” giggles Shibani.

Shibani Vig, Co-Founder

Sky is the Limit
Over time, team Wonderful World has attracted repeat travellers. In the future, they have plans to offer about 36 holidays a year from 2018-2019 – a mix of international and domestic holidays, short and long sojourns. “We want women to experience the freedom and joy that travel brings to us. Holidays are very precious and every time a woman makes a choice to travel with us, we count that as our privilege,” concludes Shibani.