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Raj Narang, Founder & CEO

Raj Narang

Founder & CEO

Today, finding abodes or booking a ticket in outbound/inbound voyage explorations are just few smartphone-touches away, thanks to the tech-savvy nature of the fragment and tons of organizations filling the crater. But where do you ‘plan’ your trip? Instead of consuming the pre-baked package options that the service providers display, the need of the hour is one single web platform to surf around the planet and decide where-to-go and what-to-see, without squandering time via browsing various local websites and frequently calling your travel-mates for discussions. ‘’ belongs to those rare breeds that blend the travel services from prologue to epilogue, with paramount focus ontrip planning. Unlike the peer group, it works on an ‘Inside-Out’ model rather than an ‘Outside-In’ model. The organization carves plot for vagabonds not only to plan the trip for free by providing them rich destination contents, but also to customize the itinerary, share the destination ideas with fellow travellers, discuss online, finalize and book according to the desires; everything under one unique social platform

The number of genuine players who are trying out something in this niche domain is limited because it demands a lot of components and a gamut of data has to be gathered

The Social Platform

Through this exclusive planning surface, the organization answers not just the FAQs, but a stride forward with its huge content possession. The user can savor vital attributes regarding domestic and international voyage destinations such as where to stay, where to eat, what to see and what to do, with the ‘Ask An Expert’ option on the website, where the expert returns with a detailed suggestion in no time. becomes an elixir for extreme explorers who wish to open up the uncharted destinations by proffering them the bit-by-bit delineations right from the currency used to the languages spoken, from voltage to types of plugs.

“The number of genuine players who are trying out something in this niche domain is limited, because it demands a lot of components and a gamut of data has to be gathered. Currently, even the Australians plan trips to Dubai via our global platform,” asserts Raj Narang, Founder & CEO, Leveraging the possibilities of internet to larger extents, the small but smart backend of the company
manifests a prolonged stack of authentic information and eventually, this magnetic content base attracts even B2B clients to plan their itinerary offerings.

Done with the Planning?

The personal tour planning struggles ignited this untouched innovation in Raj’s mind, and after two years of brainstorming, he established the social platform in 2012 with a vision to rebel the ‘accommodation sellers’ and assist people in formulating a perception about their own destinations. Today, with an affiliation to and tie-ups with local tour operators in 30 countries, the company is equipped to provide package bookings right away online, that include end-to-end tour service. Even though the revenue generating model of the organizations in this niche domain is centred on bookings space, JustOrbit considers it only as its secondary service phase; no wonder the entity has bagged a number of awards in this short period of time. “We started generating revenue only from 2015, till then we were only concentrating on the product,” adds Raj.

Currently, this bootstrapped social platform is opening up its funding phase for the first time, in order to execute its expansion blueprints. “We are planning to open offices in multiple locations, starting with the metro cities of India and then to the global platform. Prior to that, we need to create trust among people,” concludes Raj.