Separator Offering Sacred Tourism Packages across Religious Diversity

Rachna Gulati, Founder & Director

Rachna Gulati

Founder & Director

The metamorphism of the string ‘pilgrimage’ has brought new dimensions to the travel & tourism stratum of our subcontinent. Leveraging the sacred countenance of India comprehensively, religious tourism has emerged as one of the most convenient resource to satisfy the holistic beliefs and craves of people. However, the pain point of the pilgrims has been about organizing their itinerary from ages. To satisfy this niche market growing at a rate of 30 percent per year (while the rest of the tourism sphere paddle with 10 percent growth), Sai Amartya Tourism Pvt. Ltd. launched its website with PAN India service across the religious diversity of our country.

The platform helps pilgrims focus on the basic purpose, the worship of the divine, by well organizing the holy-tour from prologue to epilogue with a clear description through information about the religious places and providing the online booking platform to book tour then and there. The company savors the solitude in religious tourism fragment, collaborating the
descriptions, route maps, festivals, pooja timings and images of 600+ sacred destinations as well as some of the exclusive and unexplored divine spaces, all on its portal. Where the industry is still trying to figure out whether the traditional travel agents continues to play a role in the age of online travel agencies and e-Commerce, the organization provides travel enthusiasts with offline and online booking and payment facilities along with online/offline customizable travel packages, regular customer support and a helpline number to stay connected throughout the religious journey.

To ensure elimination of any struggle reaching holy destinations, travelers are provided with complete information about the DOs & DON'Ts of the ‘yatra’

Driven by Passion

To launch a startup in an unfamiliar industry was the most difficult thing to do, but it’s possible with the right approach. Rachna Gulati, Founder & Director, Sai Amartya, didn’t shy away from asking for the advice, and by hiring team with the right skillset, she has built a unique company. “We are driven by passion, thus we would like to open up the unexplored inbound holistic destinations for people,” asserts Rachna.
Though the company was incorporated in 2014, Rachna led 20 months of hardcore research through the soul of our country and passion for the sacred pilgrimage steered to launch the platform, in March 2016. Elegantly leveraging the advantages of the initiatives by the state ministries of tourism, as well as the campaigns by the government of India– from a technology perspective, today the organization escorts people to explore Holy North, Holy South, Holy Central, Holy East and Holy West with comprehensive facilities including flights, transfers, sightseeing and accommodation.

“You can well know about a place even before you make a decision of your destination. And once you are on-board, you will be aware of what you are going to do at a particular place through our itinerary offering,” adds Rachna. To ensure elimination of any struggle reaching holy destinations, travellers are provided with complete information about the dos & don'ts of the ‘yatra’.

A Matchless Vision

The company is set out to change the way religious tourism is managed, which they realize is the main goal. Myholytour is working hard to make sure that isn't just an empty promise. This Gurgaon-based organization kick started its journey with just four people and today Rachna is about to explore more inbound territories by super-expanding the workforce. Her 18 years of professional experience in the MNCs help her add professional color to the work culture.