TaxiVaxi: One Unique Solution for Inbound Travel

Neeraj Tayal, Ankit Gupta & Vinod Kumar,Co-FoundersEven at this moment of time, while the world hosts innovations centred on teleporting human beings to another planet, the private road-conveyance arena of our country is just lacing up the boot. The stumbling blocks that hold back this $15 billion market from attaining the supper-standards are the unorganized nature, deficiency of world-class infrastructure, and the cavities in the quality of services. TaxiVaxi is a newborn star that serves as a keystone for this unorganized taxi stratum of India to make it well-organized.

The TaxiVaxi platform arrays radio taxis, tour taxis and self-drive cabs and all other possible travelling alternatives under one roof without compromising either the service quality or the trustworthiness of the drivers. “When we onboard a driver with us, a comprehensive background verification of the driver happens in terms of his address proof, validity of the license, and the maintenance of the cab,” asserts Ankit Gupta, Co-Founder, TaxiVaxi. However, the organization has a significant focus on corporate travel,
for which the in-house team developed an IT enabled end-to-end solution. The solution obliterates the convolution of conveyance arrangement process – the request to provide conveyance from the bottom-line to the management via various hierarchy layers.

TaxiVaxi has a significant focus on corporate travel, for which the in-house team developed an IT enabled end-to-end solution

This IT web-based exclusive solution cuts down all the e-mail processes, paperwork and empowers the employees to directly take an initiative to send a cab request on the web-portal and Mobile Application, for which the approval from management is taken care by the platform. Once the management approves the request, TaxiVaxi assigns the conveyance along with a real-time message and mail notification. This easy-access nature of TaxiVaxi platform along with its prolonged index of cab service provider partnerships is added benefit. The services to corporate clients also include Radio Cabs through Ola, Uber, Easy and other regional players and that too cashless and paperless for the employee which saves time for the clients in big time, and thus, the money.

The Totality

The radio taxi fragment accounts for
only 10 percent of the total taxi
service in India. 90 percent of the market is still catered by the regional players spotted in every nook and corner of our subcontinent. Scrutinizing this fragment crater, Ankit incepted TaxiVaxi in 2015 with a vision to make an organized conveyance scenario across the country. Today, with its self-carved vendor-base, the company provides its services in 300 Indian cities and is eyeing 500 soon. “If you want to book a taxi, you don’t have to keep multiple apps in your smartphone. With TaxiVaxi app, you can book cabs from multiple platforms depending on the availability,” explains Ankit. Inclusion to its Tour taxi offerings, witnessing huge demand of self-drive cars, the company has also tied-up with the self-drive providers such as Zoomcar and others to proffer a comprehensive hold to its customers.

The Bright Future

“Controlling the drivers and maintaining the cabs are hardcore tasks, making people follow the policies is even worse,” adds Neeraj. With its regular in-house workshops for drivers that include policy oriented training modules, TaxiVaxi nullifies such criticalities. The company has a workforce of 40 humble people, who are their own bosses, brought up in a flexible work culture. The organization is already making profit within six months of operations and has received seed funding from HNI Investors. The company is on its way to include Share-a-Cab and shuttle services to its index