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Chandra Sekhar,VP - Business Development

Chandra Sekhar

VP - Business Development

The idea was to simplify the ticket booking process in the entertainment industry. When entered the market in 2009, there were hardly any online ticketing platform for single screens and everyone had to stand in the queue to buy movie tickets. Even if there were a few, it was only a handful of multiplexes with one or two single screening options in cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, and Hyderabad. With time progressing, it became crucial for the local screening theatres to have an online presence. Ticket4u was one of the first few companies in India to have successfully integrated the local screening theatres onto a single platform.

Needless to say, Ticket4u was instrumental in introducing the concept of ‘ticket cancellation facility.’“We started this feature in movie ticketing segment,” exclaims Chandra Sekhar, VP – Business Development, The feature of 100 percent ticket cancellation refund was incorporated right from the beginning of their website launch. And, this has been appreciated and acknowledged by many peers
and customers. In fact, seeing them, some of their competitors have also started implementing it. Also, the company is known for its unmatched customer support, where they offer 16 hours support. “We were the first ones to start the support through mobile number in movie ticketing, until then, it was done via land line,” mentions Chandra.

In the past three years, has attained over 50 percent growth in terms of revenue and number of tickets booked

The Journey of Continuous Innovation in Online Ticketing
In a span of nine years, the company has redefined the way online ticketing is done in this country. Chandra recalls the entire journey. Hementions “Initially, our marketing team used to visit every single screen, trying to convince the theatre owners to go for online. Many were not interested. Some of the enthusiastic people loved us for what we had to offer. But, now, it is a whole different scenario, if any new theatre is coming up or a theatre is renovated, online booking is mandatory. In fact, during the weekends alone, 70-80 percent of booking happens through our platform.”

At present, 40-50 percent of the tickets booking occur online in the major share of A-class cities and medium share B-class cities, however, when it comes to C-class
cities, towns, and villages, the awareness is not penetrated completely. But, with the rapid internet and smartphone penetration happening across PAN India, the company is optimistic about the areas to expand online ticketing in the near future. “Our process ensures that we are always geared up for the new technologies. Also, our content, SEO, SMO, analytics helps us to understand the user behavior, which sets up the goal for the next up-gradation, and we are always in front to give the best user experience to our customers” proudly states Chandra.

The Pioneers in the Industry
Today, Ticket4u takes immense pride to be a part of digital India campaign, where their platform had started much before the campaign itself. Furthermore, with disciplined and diligent service to their existing customers and to ever growing new customers, the company has reached newer milestones each passing day and has geographical presence inBangalore, Hyderabad and Guntur.

In the past three years, the company has attained over 50 percent growth in terms of revenue and number of tickets booked, and Ticket4u is confident that the same will continue for the current financial year. Narrating the roadmap ahead, Chandra says, “We are expecting big growth in coming years, as we are looking for various options to expand our operations across India, and our options include VC funding as well.”